Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of University College (ADUS/DUC)

Brief Summary of Work for this Position

The ADUS/DUC is responsible for running university wide student success committees, coordinating the Advising Council, heading any task force needed relating to student retention, heading the Stop Out Prevention Initiative, and working to improve retention and advising across all schools and colleges along with all projects the Dean of Undergraduate Studies assigns.

All initiatives are responsive to the student success priorities in the strategic plan. This position also includes making sure that all goals the Dean of Undergraduate Studies has given have been met along with meeting the goals in the strategic plan.

The Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of University College (ADUS/DUC) is also responsible for the daily oversight and management of University College, in partnership with the UC Associate Director, who reports to the ADUS/DUC. The ADUS/DUC is expected to ensure that staff, programs and services are effective in assisting students in their transition to college, encourage students to identify and declare appropriate majors, promote personal responsibility, and assist students in their engagement into the life of the university community.

The ADUS/DUC oversees the development and implementation of policies that guide the work of University College, oversees the advising process for approximately 4000 students annually, and provides direction, planning, implementation and assessment of “First Year Experience” co-curricular programs (Learning Communities, Pre-Professional Programs, ExCEL, Synergy, and Transfer Programs). The ADUS&DUC works in collaboration with the Dean of Undergraduate Programs in the development and implementation of curriculum for the First Year Seminar course. The ADUS/DUS is also responsible for maintaining a dotted line responsibility for providing support and guidance for Athletic Student Support Services.

Minimum Requirements

A terminal degree is required with a minimum of seven years of management experience working in a university setting at a professional level with direct experience in staff development and supervision and significant engagement with undergraduate students. This position requires an individual with proven experience in working with deans, department chairs, faculty and student affairs professional staff in developing collaborative working relationships. Position also requires excellent interpersonal and organization skills with a demonstrated working knowledge of student development theory in practice.

List the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the essential functions of the position

The ADUS/DUC is responsible and must have the knowledge, skills and ability to run university wide student success committees, coordinate the Advising Council, head any task force needed relating to student retention, head the stop out prevention initiatives, retention and advising across all schools and colleges along with all projects the Dean of Undergraduate Studies assigns. Ensure all initiatives are responsive to the student success priorities within the strategic plan. Ensure all goals the Dean of Undergraduate Studies has given are met and ensure these goals meet the goals in the strategic plan. This position is also the Director of University College and ensures all the departmental goals/learning outcomes are met and/or exceeded. The ADUS/DUC must have the knowledge, skills and ability to perform all duties and responsibilities included in each of the task below:

• Collaborate with the AVC/DUS, other units across campus, at system level and within UGS on setting and achieving strategic goals;

• Work with the AVC/DUS in developing and supporting student success initiatives around retention, persistence and other measures at all undergraduate levels;

• Work across colleges and schools in developing/strengthening advising practices and systems;

• Develop, interpret and implement policies for academic advising, the “First Year Experience” co-curricular program and First Year seminar course;

• Mange academic advising services for 4,000 students during an annual academic calendar;

• Coordinate, develop and present educational presentations for new student and parent orientation that clearly articulate UNCW expectation for success, the role of UC in their success and the wide array of support services offered at UNCW;

• Monitor academic progress and pre-registration processes of all students who have not yet declared a major at UNCW;

• Lead university college in establishing future goals, initiatives and action plans;

• Maintain an established relationship with the Department of Athletics and the Director of the Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) Unit to insure institutional progress goals are attained and student athletes are well advised;

• Provide ongoing intervention programs and services such as academic counseling, outreach, reviews, appeals and academic contracts;

• Oversee the work of a student success technology system (STARFISH) manager and provide strategic direction for that platform at UNCW in relation to broader student success priorities;

• Manage and coordinate conflict resolution processes involving staff, parent and student issues;

• Recruit, hire and evaluate all professional and faculty advisors

• Develop and present professional development and training for all University College (UC) and part-time faculty academic advisors;

• Maintain communications with all academic departments regarding requirements and important information for students considering specific majors;

• Maintain communication with the University Studies Advisory Committee (USAC) regarding requirements and important information for students regarding university studies in the development of specific majors;

• Oversees the future expansion of learning communities;

• Coordinate with the Office of Transition Programs to insure appropriate student services are implemented as necessary for success;

• Oversee the coordination of the “First Year Seminar” Cornerstone Learning Community, ExCEL, Pre-Professional Programs, FYSA and Synergy;

• Implements assessment practices and procedures;

• Manage along with the associate director, the University College budget.

 Preferred formal education, professional skills and work experience

A Doctorate degree is preferred along with experience in first year programming and learning communities; familiarity with successful retention practices within a master’s comprehensive or R2 higher education institutional setting is preferred. Previous experience in teaching, ideally freshman seminar within a first year experience program development is highly desirable.

Primary purpose of the division, department, and/or grant

Undergraduate Studies works with various units on campus to enhance the undergraduate educational experience along with providing opportunities and support for undergraduate scholarship both inside and outside the classroom. Offices supported by Undergraduate Studies work at the transition from the high school to college experience, provide a broad based general education program extending throughout a student’s time at UNCW, provide targeted support for applied learning opportunities and enhancement of the undergraduate experience, and promote best teaching practices. The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies supports: University Studies, General Education Assessment, ETEAL (Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning, Honors Scholars College, CSURF (Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowship), University College, Undergraduate Catalogue.

University College provides academic advising for all incoming freshman and undeclared transfer students until they have become eligible to declare a major. University College is also responsible for the development and implementation of co-curricular programs that support a student’s successful transition to college and enhances retention. Students are advised by professional advisors or faculty drawn from the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, Cameron School of Business and the Watson College of Education. The University College advisors are actively engaged in helping students take responsibility for their academic success by encouraging exploration of academic disciplines, utilizing the campus resources available to support their development, developing an understanding of academic requirements and standards and promoting career exploration. The University College staff works collaboratively and proactively with all resource staff throughout the university to enhance the effectiveness of student intervention strategies that increase student learning and success.

University Information

The University of North Carolina Wilmington, the state’s coastal university, is dedicated to learning through the integration of teaching and mentoring with research and service. Guided by our Strategic Plan, the university is committed to nurturing a campus culture that reflects its values of diversity and globalization, ethics and integrity, and excellence and innovation. A public institution with nearly 17,000 students, the university is focused on supporting and enhancing the student-centered learning experience that has been a hallmark since its founding in 1947. UNCW offers an array of programs at the baccalaureate and master’s levels, and doctoral programs in marine biology, educational leadership, psychology and nursing practice. UNCW is one of the 17 institutions that make up the UNC System.

EEO Statement

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is committed to and will provide equality of educational and employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex (such as gender, gender identity, marital status, childbirth, and pregnancy), age, color, national origin (including ethnicity), religion, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, military service member status, genetic information, or relationship to other university constituents – except where sex, age, or ability represent bona fide educational or occupational qualifications or where marital status is a statutorily established eligibility criterion for State funded employee benefit programs.

Applicant Instructions

If selected for final interviews, the applicants will present at a forum to the university on a topic selected by the Associate VC and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This is normally a 45 minute presentation and a 15 minute question and answer session.

Priority Consideration Information

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by the Priority Date of October 4, 2019; however, applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Applications must be submitted through the online application system to be considered.  Position details and full applicant instructions can be found at

Address application documents to: Dr. Townend, Associate VC and Dean of Undergraduate Studies