Director of Student Success Analytics

Department Summary
The Office of Institutional Research provides management information and analytical support to the University's decision-makers, enhancing strategic planning and policy-making processes. We serve as the chief information clearinghouse for the University and conduct research on student, faculty, and staff to promote ongoing institutional self-assessment. Institutional Research also fulfills the University's compliance reporting requirements at both the federal and state levels.

The Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success (UESS) promotes academic excellence, universal access, engagement and achievement for the student scholar. UESS programs focus on the educational trajectory of the student by providing opportunities and services essential for progress toward scholastic objectives and intellectual development. UESS departments and programs serve the entire population of UO undergraduate students and partner closely with other campus units to support student success and engagement.

Position Summary
The director of student success analytics provides leadership in the application of analytics to foster student success—one of the institution’s primary strategic initiatives and an emerging field—at the University of Oregon for the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success and the Office of Institutional Research. The director will be primarily responsible for building a model for predictive student success analytics and will be the campus expert on student success data analytics. The director will work closely with student support personnel to operationalize the strategic interventions indicated by the predictive model. 

The director will lead the student success data strategy and implementation for the University by synthesizing and leveraging large quantities of University and other data to identify patterns, gain insight into operations, and ultimately enhance capabilities for achieving institutional goals, including student success and other strategic priorities. The director will work across campus, collaborating with Student Life, Student Services and Enrollment Management, and Information Services, among others, to source data and develop new data sources to ensure a robust and multidimensional model. 

The director will be responsible for developing and employing methods for analyzing the effectiveness of student success interventions. The director will work closely with the UO advising community to improve programming and develop strategies that are borne from data. 

The director employs advanced statistical techniques, including data mining and machine learning, on major projects identified by the VP UESS and the director of institutional research to meet university priorities. The position requires the ability to work independently, take initiative, and think strategically. They must be able to effectively manipulate complex data systems, communicate findings and trends to decision-makers, and provide methodological and analytical leadership. 

The director of student success analytics reports to the director of institutional research and serves as a vital member of the Undergraduate Education and Student Success Leadership Team.