Chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD)

Chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD)


District Overview
The Governing Board invites nominations and applications for the position of Chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD).

GCCCD's mission is to provide outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students to meet community needs, promote global responsibility, and foster opportunities for all. Both colleges within the District are designated Hispanic-Serving Institutions. The District provides transformational educational opportunities by offering more than 150 degree and certificate programs. Three out of every four East County residents have taken classes at Grossmont or Cuyamaca College.

For more than 50 years, GCCCD has enhanced the quality of East County life by providing an exceptional and affordable education. The 1,138 square-mile district includes two colleges, Grossmont and Cuyamaca. Grossmont College is on a 135-acre mesa in northwest El Cajon, adjacent to the cities of Santee, La Mesa, and San Diego. Cuyamaca College is located on 165 acres in Rancho San Diego, just south of the city of El Cajon. Both colleges are a 20-minute drive east of central San Diego. Grossmont College, established in 1961, serves approximately 18,000 students and Cuyamaca College, established in 1978, serves approximately 10,000 students.

As a highly visible advocate for both colleges, the next Chancellor will lead collaborative efforts to enhance services for both students and the community the District serves. The Grossmont- Cuyamaca Community College District is seeking a visionary leader with a deep commitment to educational equity in the region who is ready to work tirelessly to address the following:







  • Eliminate barriers to student success, create seamless employment and transfer opportunities, and align both colleges to best support students.
  • Support the colleges in achieving alignment in academic programming and processes when appropriate while appreciating and honoring the unique culture of each of the two colleges.
  • Fully embraces equity-mindedness and continue to cultivate the District's culture of embracing and advancing equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.
  • Sustain morale and improve working relations with employee constituencies.
  • Provide fiscally prudent leadership and ensure financial stability for the District.
  • Work with stakeholders to develop innovative enrollment management strategies in
    order to increase the District's enrollment and better serve the needs of a diverse and
    changing community.
  • Understands and has the ability to lead the successful passage of a bond measure and
    effectively manage its implementation through the use of Project Labor Agreements.
  • Guide the colleges in adapting to existing and new funding models and sources to
    ensure equitable student success outcomes, while addressing changing student and
    community demographics, shifts in population, staffing needs, and sustainability issues.
  • Further develop strong partnerships throughout the service area with K-12 districts,
    maintain the District's participation in the East County Education Alliance and with higher education partners, government, business and industry, community organizations, and civic leaders.
  • Address salary equity issues in order to provide continuity and attract and retain dedicated and talented faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Establish innovative and strategic partnerships with the region's business and industry leaders to best prepare students to meet the needs of the local workforce.
  • Lead the District in achieving the Governing Board's goals and strategic priorities.

    Ideal Leadership Qualities:
  • A decisive and collegial mission- and vision-focused administrator who connects, recognizes, and champions the contributions of faculty, staff, students, and administrators.
  • Commitment to working effectively with and for a governing board and a strong understanding of governance.
  • Understands the relationship between the Chancellor role and Governing Board and demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively with the Board as a whole and individually.
  • Proven track record of delegating responsibility to senior executive staff and maintaining accountability for these delegated responsibilities.
  • A unifier who demonstrates enthusiasm, humility, and fair-minded leadership with all constituents.
  • Inspires, supports and encourages employees in their work and possesses a vision that extends beyond the District.
  • Understands the importance of teamwork, relationship building, rapport, and working together with diverse groups in a participatory governance environment.
  • A consensus builder who values participatory governance and collaboratively seeks input from all constituency groups throughout the District community.
  • Understands and values the California Academic Senate structure, including the Academic Senate's 10+1, as granted by the California Education Code.
  • An inclusive leader who clearly demonstrates a commitment to equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion through their actions.
  • A solution-focused leader who has a demonstrated track record of success working in a union environment with multiple bargaining units.
  • A technologically savvy individual who will provide forward-thinking leadership and move the District forward with all aspects of technology, including distance education and on-line delivery.
  • Experience providing oversight for regional and programmatic accreditation.
  • Proven track record developing and sustaining successful concurrent/dual enrollment
    partnership programs with local high school districts.
  • Experience providing oversight for strategic and master planning and implementation.
  • Proven track record fostering the ideal conditions for the development and
    implementation of innovative instructional programs and student support services which result in increased enrollment, student success, equity, and higher completion rates.
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of the legislative process and how it pertains to the community college environment.
  • Experience providing oversight for complex construction and renovation projects through the use of Project Labor Agreements and working with labor leaders.
  • Knowledge and support of college athletic programs.

    Mission-Driven Advocate:
  • Strong and successful advocate for GCCCD on the local, state, and national level.
  • Fosters and proactively promotes equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

    Student Success Leader:
  • Knowledge of student success initiatives, such as Achieving the Dream and Guided Pathways.
  • A proven track record of successful outreach, fostering increased enrollment, and improved student retention.
  • Experience enhancing student services with a focus on maximizing their quality and efficiency.
  • Experience enhancing academic services to ensure equitable student outcomes.

    Communication Skills:
  • Promotes and demonstrates transparency, collegiality and positive relationships through wide-ranging communication methods.
  • A highly visible and accessible leader who engages with faculty, staff and students at both colleges and throughout the community.
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Effectively communicates complex data to diverse audiences.
  • Connects with and understands diverse stakeholders through excellent listening, oral
    and written communication skills.

    Financial Acumen:
  • A knowledge of existing California and community college funding and budget processes to address current and future budget needs.
  • The ability to understand complex community college funding resources, including federal, state, local, and grant funding opportunities.
  • Demonstrated capacity to address the full range of student services, and faculty and staff needs that would support the reexamination of the current funding allocation model of both colleges.
  • Understanding of the complexities of compensation for all constituency groups to ensure internal and external equity.
  • Experience maintaining fiscal stability.

    Minimum Qualifications:
  • A master's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • One year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to
    the administrator's administrative assignment.

    Preferred Qualifications:
  • An earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A successful track record and extensive background and experience in higher education
  • Education policy experience.
  • Engaged with regional and national higher education organizations.
  • Experience working in a multi-college system.
  • Fundraising and development experience.

    To apply, visit

    The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, a two-college district in eastern San Diego County, has been providing a high-quality education to the region since Grossmont College opened its doors in 1961 and Cuyamaca College began operating in 1978. The district is tied closely to the suburban and rural communities that it serves, providing a $1 billion economic impact to the region through its payroll, purchasing, and spending by students and alumni.

    The district has a strong commitment to diversity and equity with a student population representing a broad variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, cultures and abilities. The district strives to provide an educational environment that fosters cultural awareness, mutual understanding, and respect that ultimately also benefits the global community.

    The colleges offer more than 150 degrees and certificates in a wide range of programs. Both colleges have signature programs that have become well-renowned. Grossmont College is recognized for its top-notch Administration of Justice, Culinary Arts, Nursing and Allied Health and Theatre Arts programs, while Cuyamaca is known for its Automotive Technology, Ornamental Horticulture, Environmental Health and Safety and Water/Wastewater Technology programs.

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