Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

The College of Pharmacy is seeking an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs’ primary role is student success. The Assistant Dean oversees all aspects of student services including recruitment and admissions and ensures a professional culture for student development within the Purdue College of Pharmacy. This includes developing and implementing policies, procedures, and services that impact academic advising, career planning, and measures for student professionalization such as mentorship and co-curricular activities. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:


  • Overseeing the Office of Student Services and cultivate a professional environment
  • Working with all constituencies of the college to ensure innovation practices and activism
  • Implementing recruitment and marketing strategies to ensure a sufficient pool of qualified applicants for the professional pharmacy program
  • Consulting with other colleges on the Purdue campus and advising on pre-professional prerequisites coursework
  • Preparing and distributing reports concerning student recruitment, admission, and retention to the College and to external constituencies
  • Supervising academic advising and career counseling for PharmD and BSPS/PrePharm students
  • Ensuring utilization of an effective electronic system for the collection, storage, and appropriate dissemination of student records
  • Developing and implementing processes for the assessment of students’ professional and co-curricular growth and stress levels in collaboration with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Learning & Assessment
  • Ensuring student awareness of financial assistance programs/opportunities and serve as College liaison for processing financial assistance applications
  • Addressing general student concerns, stressors, complaints, and assist students in navigating available resources
  • Coordinating with Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to ensure College resources (e.g., student handbook, curricular guides, College website, University catalog updates) are current
  • Coordinating applications, evaluation, and distribution of scholarships as well as student awards and honors.
  • Assisting the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with execution and assessment of student-based ACPE and College standards and student progression monitoring
  • Serving on College and University committees related to student affairs and disseminate information
  • Participating on the College Executive Committee and report to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs