The Hartnell Community College District Governing Board seeks an innovative, energetic educator with a record of strong leadership and accomplishment to continue the College on its inspiring path of growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement. The new superintendent/president will be an excellent communicator who values and models collegiality, is committed to the success of a diverse student body, and is passionate about the comprehensive community college mission.

The application and nominations period is from April 9, 2019, to May 31, 2019. Applications will continue to be accepted until the position is filled.


The superintendent/president is the chief executive, administrative, and education officer of the community college district reporting directly to the Hartnell Community College District Board of Trustees. The superintendent/president's primary responsibilities are to provide vision, leadership, and direction for the planning and operation of all aspects of the College's programs and services, and to effectively and efficiently execute the College mission and strategic plan, consistent with board policies and state and federal law.


The Hartnell Community College District comprises approximately 2,300 square miles, spanning from the coastal community of Moss Landing on the Monterey Bay through Salinas, the county seat of Monterey County, and south about 100 miles to the small agricultural communities of San Lucas and Bradley at the far end of the fertile Salinas Valley. The region is primarily agricultural and has a population of about 245,000.

The College serves more than 17,000 students each year, and is still growing. Hartnell has a main campus in west Salinas, a career technical campus in east Salinas, and an Education Center in the south county's King City. With the support of a bond measure passed by its voters in 2016, the District is building outreach centers in two additional towns—Soledad and Castroville—in addition to other expansion, renovation, and construction projects.

Hartnell is nationally known for its innovative programs built on partnerships with business, industry, and education leaders. Among them are its Computer Science in 3 program with California State University Monterey Bay, a three-year bachelor's degree program in computer science, and its Teacher Preparation Pathway program, a 2+2 program, also with CSUMB, that helps to address the teacher shortage in the area while bringing educational opportunity to District residents. Helping to fuel these innovations is the Hartnell College Foundation, which was one of the most successful community college foundations in the nation last year, providing unparalleled partnerships and resources to help students and their families achieve their dreams.

The Position Responsibilities




  • Provides leadership for the College as a whole, including planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating educational, student services, administrative, and fiscal programs of the College.
  • Serves as chief interpreter of the needs of the students and service areas of the College, and promotes development and implementation of programs and services to serve those needs.
  • Provides administrative direction in development and implementation of College policies and procedures and the organizational structure of the College, including those that affect instructional programs, student services and activities, and all other College operations.
  • Develops and maintains channels of communication with College and community members regarding all aspects of College operations, including curriculum, instruction, business administration, finance, planning, construction and maintenance of physical facilities, personnel, student services, and educational planning.
  • Presides over the decision-making process and participates in the governance structure of the College to ensure that participatory governance is effectively utilized to facilitate campus-wide involvement in decision-making.
  • Creates an institutional climate of innovation that enhances student learning and motivates faculty, staff, and administrators to optimum engagement and achievement.
  • Directs the preparation of the annual College budget and directs its operations within provisions of the budget once it is approved by the Governing Board.
  • Supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the general activities of all College administrators and delegates to them such authority and responsibility as is required to perform their assigned duties.
  • Advises the Board on matters related to district planning, policies, and operations as they affect the College.
  • Participates in hiring, training, and evaluation of a diverse faculty and staff that are highly qualified to achieve College goals.
  • Encourages and assists in developing professional excellence among faculty, staff, and administrators to achieve the College's mission and strategic priorities and goals.
  • Assures compliance with College and district policies, state and federal laws and regulations, and requirements of accreditation agencies.
  • Demonstrates a highly visible leadership role in the communities served and develops strategic partnerships between and among educational institutions, businesses, and civic and cultural organizations.
  • Serves as an advocate for the College and articulates the mission, vision, and values of the College and the California Community Colleges locally, statewide, and nationally.

    Opportunities and Challenges

    Although Hartnell is one of the oldest community colleges in the state, it buzzes with a very new sense of pride in all it is accomplishing to propel students to new levels of success. The College's growth is accompanied by innovative and supportive programs for students, a stable workforce supported by professional development opportunities and committed to student success, and an economic future that will benefit from many years of responsible and effective financial planning and deep ties to its community. Thanks to the 2016 passage of Measure T, a $167 million bond measure, the College has embarked on an unprecedented and transformative construction campaign that will bring educational opportunities and centers to additional areas of the District, and will allow it to upgrade buildings and add new facilities on existing campuses. “Panther Pride” is palpable throughout the community, and on this high note, the College seeks an experienced, collaborative, and visionary leader who is dynamic, ethical, honest, and trustworthy, and who will compassionately guide the College toward even greater excellence in programs and services that meet the needs of the community and ensure the success of its diverse student body.

    The new superintendent/president will:
  • Foster a campus climate that encourages and supports innovative teaching and learning and a collective responsibility for student success;
  • Understand and support student success strategies that result in equitable outcomes for all students;
  • Honor and value the cultural diversity of the student body and connect with students and their local communities;
  • Assure the financial stability of the College by identifying and acquiring new sources of revenue in support of its mission, and by working with the college foundation in fundraising and friend-raising efforts to cultivate a donor base and other activities;
  • Understand and value strategic planning and the importance of institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement in every aspect of the College;
  • Evaluate and improve administrative processes and procedures to enhance student access, equity, and success;
  • Continue the College commitment to participatory governance and the inclusion of all constituency groups in decision-making;
  • Maintain and expand K-12 partnerships that focus on preparing and encouraging local public and private high school students, graduates, and adult learners to enroll in college;
  • Provide leadership, inspiration, and support to the College community that encourages innovation, program excellence, and student success;
  • Model superb communication and interpersonal skills and possess a collaborative leadership style that fosters an inclusive and effective campus culture;
  • Recruit, retain, and promote the success of students, staff, faculty, and administrators;
  • Foster the growth and full development of the District's existing and future campuses and outreach centers, to improve and expand educational opportunities throughout the entire county;
  • Be a highly visible and responsive advocate of the College and partner to local businesses and industries in providing an educated and skilled workforce and creating employment opportunities that provide a sustainable living wage;
  • Be a strong advocate of the College at the local, state, and national levels;
  • Facilitate the maintenance and development of a cohesive and effective Board of Trustees through excellent communication, leadership, mutual respect, and the provision of opportunities for the Board's own professional development; and
  • Make a personal and professional commitment to the Hartnell community that is demonstrated by his or her presence at and involvement in community organizations, institutions, and events.


    The successful new superintendent/president will:
  • Be passionately committed to the mission of the comprehensive community college.
  • Champion innovative teaching and learning with a focus on student equity and success.
  • Relate well and engage regularly with students and student leaders, and support student development activities.
  • Practice participatory governance, collaboration, and collegiality and make decisions in a transparent manner.
  • Recruit and retain high quality administrators, faculty, and staff that will embrace and celebrate the diversity of the community.
  • Be a facilitator and consensus-builder.
  • Be comfortable working with people from diverse cultures.
  • Possess superb knowledge and skills related to fiscal management and the ability to acquire new resources.
  • Be a visionary thinker who involves all constituents in the development of long-term operational and strategic plans and who nimbly adapts to changing circumstances.
  • Inspire, empower, and delegate appropriately and effectively to bring out the best qualities of others.
  • Build and maintain partnerships with leaders in business and industry, education, and community-based organizations.
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills effective for all audiences.
  • Be visible, approachable, and accessible on campus and in the community.
  • Model high standards of performance, honesty, integrity, caring, and compassion, and inspire and expect the same from all employees.
  • Establish a trusting and respectful working relationship with the Board of Trustees and its members.
  • Commit to the College and the rural community it serves, and provide stability and continuity.
  • Have significant experience creating workforce development programs that meet the needs of local business and industry, and that supports community economic development programs and services of the College.
  • Have experience with collective bargaining and a demonstrated commitment to transparency and regular communication with all College constituencies in a union environment;
  • Have successfully led an institution of higher education through integrated planning and accreditation processes;
  • Model the importance and effectiveness of data-driven decision making;
  • Understand the important role of technology in education.

    Minimum Qualifications
  • A master's degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  • A minimum of five years of senior-level management experience, preferably in a community college or other college or university.
  • Three years of full-time teaching or student services experience. Current or prior experience as a college president or the equivalent may be used in lieu of other management, teaching, or student services requirements.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work with people of diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve desired outcomes.

    Desired Qualifications
  • An earned doctorate from an accredited college or university is preferred.
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace and educational environment.


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