Computer Technical Support Consultant 2, UCP 7

Under the general direction of a School of Social Work administrator, and operating within the guidelines of the University’s contract with the Department of Social Services, provides advanced computer hardware, communications network, software installation and support; programming, computer instruction, documentation and consultation services to administrative and other users regarding problems, solutions and services related to computing and information technology.  Manages computer system and application training environments, creates release schedules, schedules builds for code upgrades and changes, maintains a golden copy in each environment, troubleshoots computer application issues, tests environments and issues status reports, adds computer training scenarios, tests scenarios and sets up UAT testing of scenarios, utilizes a cloning tool to clone scenarios and works with IT staff at DSS, BEST and Vendor IT staff.


  1. Analyzes and diagnoses computer software, hardware and communications network problems for computer users.Recommends corrective solutions for a wide-range of computer applications, hardware, network, communications technology and software programs.
  2. Consults with and provides expert advice to staff, administrators, special interest groups, departments, computing professionals and other computer users regarding hardware and software usage, modifications, requirements and acquisitions that are applicable/suitable for specific purposes. (Including desktop solutions, distributed servers and printers, site-licensed software, special-purpose peripherals and/or equipment, software and network solutions).
  3. Performs cost/benefit analysis and recommends for purchase commercially available software and hardware products.
  4. Designs, teaches, and/or assists with teaching computer related workshops to staff and other computer users for purposes of teaching the use and application of new and existing computer software, applications and hardware.In addition, to integrate computing and information technology with the teaching and learning initiative as well as the administrative functions of the University.
  5. Installs, locates and corrects program errors. Tests, tracks and monitors a wide range of commercially available software and hardware for mainframe, midrange, and minicomputer technology as required for assignment.Requires the application of a wide range of knowledge of operating systems, server technologies, server integration, hardware, network and software programs.These include new hardware and software standards for the desktop personal computer, mainframe and LAN print, distributed servers, programming languages, word processors, statistical and mathematical packages, graphics and presentation software, database systems and more.
  6. Works with complex systems integration issues including activities associated with data warehousing, client/server and web enabled technologies.
  7. Prepares hard copy and on-line documentation to improve user knowledge and correct usage of computing and information technology computing facilities, applications and resources, guide operating and scheduling for releases, system upgrades, personnel and testing during production runs. Prepares requirements.
  8. Facilitates computer usage by staff through a wide variety of means that may include surveys, newsletters, web pages, attendance at meetings, exhibitions, conferences, University events, and tours of the computer facilities.Orients and enables staff and trainers to the use of the computer labs, computing resources and teaching facilities (i.e., classroom tools and Virtual Classroom).
  9. Maintains and administers lab and classroom procedures, computing accounts, supplies inventories, handbooks and policies.
  10. Maintains routine security of computing hardware and software and cleanliness of computing hardware and facilities.
  11. Records, tracks, troubleshoots, surveys and reports on the computer problems.
  12. Prepares and maintains logs, reports and statistical data.
  13. Initiates repairs of hardware, software, networks and/or other equipment and computing peripherals.Works with other areas as necessary to escalate and/or resolve problems and tracks to ensure solutions.
  14. Administers and maintains on-line mainframe/minicomputer/distributed computer systems for such applications as ImpaCT, HIX, BIP, and other training environments.
  15. Assists with the development of plans and processes which ensure minimum risk to services or systems due to errors.
  16. Acts as liaison between users, computer operations and technical programming groups as required.
  17. Performs related duties as required.
  18. Stays current with technology changes and integrates software and hardware into the university where applicable and when appropriate.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent combination of education and training and three years of related experience.
  2. Demonstrated working knowledge of the many microcomputer/minicomputer/mainframe technologies used at the University, including word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.
  3. Demonstrated teaching, communicating and writing skills.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work well with people, to handle technical problems, to work well under stress and to develop complex plans and strategies.
  5. Ability to work well with minimal supervision.




  1. Experience with computer hardware repair.
  2. Programming experience and training PC and server (Microsoft and/or Novell Certified) and enterprise systems.
  3. Web development skills.
  4. Proficiency in the use of job control language.
  5. Proven ability and experience in project management in large scale, complex organizations.


As this position is funded under an annual contract with the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work and the Connecticut Department of Social Services, this is a 12-month appointment subject to annual renewal.  The salary for this position will be $56,000. This position is primarily based in the Connecticut Department of Social Services Hartford location.


Please upload a cover letter, resume, the names and contact information for three professional references, and a sample of a release schedule, design requirements document, testing document, or other submission developed by the applicant that demonstrates an understanding of the functions of the position online via UConn Careers, (, Staff Positions (Search # 2019183).

Employment of the successful candidate will be contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment criminal background check. (Search # 2019183)

This job posting is scheduled to be removed at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on November 13, 2018.

All employees are subject to adherence to the State Code of Ethics, which may be found at

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