Assistant/Associate Professor - Health

Provide leadership for statewide programs in Health such as indoor air quality, medication literacy awareness, physical activity and general health matters as arise (i.e., flu, vaccinations, heart disease, etc…) Determine content and priority areas in future program development through collaborating with others. Support planning activities with leaders and clientele groups, extension faculty, county extension councils and program area committees. Maintain technical competence with respect to knowledge of development in current health issues through professional development activities. Serve as a source of up-to-date information for Extension personnel. Stay abreast of current information about adult and youth education and incorporate recommendations into program planning and materials.
Conduct educational activities utilizing direct and indirect contact methods to teach or assist Extension personnel. Respond to internal requests in a timely manner. Provide research updates or current newsworthy health issues and recommendations to faculty as appropriate.
Provide or recommend teaching curricula to county faculty. Assist with program implementation as needed. Develop evaluation tools for programs and provide support on how to use them. Communicate with county agents regarding program evaluation results, as well as, seek feedback from agents on client needs and curricula developed.
Prepare, edit, and distribute fact sheets, handouts, newsletters, news articles, radio scripts and other teaching materials. Prepare materials for mass media including website, radio, television, press and audio/video material.
Establish and enhance mutual support among individuals, groups and organizations in health-related fields. Coordinate with statewide organizations and agencies in developing health material of mutual interest. Build partnerships with agents, government agencies, businesses, outreach partners and organizations to create, strengthen, promote or extend educational programs. Serve on external boards and committees as appropriate to enhance networking and partnerships that enhance health programming areas. Work with colleagues in other states and campus faculty to develop relevant programming.
Seek grants and resources to develop and enhance health programs. Participate in grant-funded projects or contracts with colleagues when appropriate. Manage related accounts, grants and resources in compliance with policy guidelines. Supervise staff.