Associate Chair of Luxury and Brand Management

Position Summary

Provides vision, leadership and supervision for the department; builds a substantial reputation for the quality of the department; creates a strong sense of collegiality within the department and of shared responsibility for the department's goals; works with faculty on curriculum development, assessment activities, and policy/procedure requirements and implementation, including course schedules and facility use; conducts classroom observations and annual faculty performance evaluations, as well as ensuring mentoring and faculty development opportunities; assists in the hiring of faculty; makes decisions on student academic matters; assists in the recruitment of students, review of graduate student applications, and placement of students in internships and careers; oversees departmental budget; teaches courses, as determined by the number of contact hours listed in the employment agreement.

The associate chair maintains a visible onsite presence, oversees and guides the work of department faculty and staff, supports and mentors students, and collaborates with academic leaders, faculty and support staff across departments and university locations. The associate chair ensures that all services related to academic offerings of the department are planned and delivered at the highest quality and without any interruptions. The associate chair makes sure that university policies and procedures are administered without any exceptions.

The associate chair models academic and professional leadership and makes sure that all faculty and staff of the department work toward the achievement of the university mission, vision and values. Through day-to-day operational and long-term strategic actions, the associate chair ensures the department’s intentional and measurable contribution to the university’s strategic plan and the
8Rs (responsibility, resources, recruitment, retention, recognition, revenue, research and results).

Duties and responsibilities
  • % - Duties may vary and other duties may be assigned. • Leads a team of faculty and staff in fulfilling the mission, vision and values of the university. • In consultation with the dean/associate dean/chair and department members, provides input on a strategic direction for the department that is consistent with the university strategic plan. • In consultation with the dean/associate dean/chair, implements strategies for building the quality of the department so that it is highly-ranked, where applicable, and has a strong reputation both within and beyond higher education. • Fosters a shared vision and commitment by all faculty to contribute to the fulfillment of the university mission and the associated goals of the department. • Insists on fostering a positively oriented university environment through mutual respect, collegiality and collaboration. • Builds a cohesive department team through frequent and effective communication of shared goals and responsibilities. • Guides, supports and leads academic excellence, quality of instruction and instructional engagement, especially documented through student achievement results and work outcomes. • Leads and supervises faculty in the effective implementation of teaching and professional responsibilities and expectations as outlined in the Faculty Handbook. • Ensures that the faculty in the department are constantly reviewing the curriculum for quality and currency, adhering to educational outcomes statements and assessment and accreditation activities through a coordinated approach with the university’s institutional effectiveness staff. • Leads and guides department faculty in following the university’s curriculum development policies and procedures. Coordinates curriculum development efforts with the dean/associate dean/chair, academic services, institutional effectiveness staff and the program leaders at other university locations. • Coordinates efforts with the faculty in the collection of student work for assessment and accreditation needs, and in order to showcase the outcomes of the program. • Ensures the faculty in the department understand and follow university policies and procedures. • Oversees the academic scheduling for the department in collaboration with academic services and holds responsibility for assigning an appropriate course schedule to faculty with proper credentials and experience. • Coordinates the use of teaching and learning resources of the department in support of the academic schedule. • Evaluates faculty within the department during the annual performance evaluation process, which includes classroom observations and a review of quarterly student evaluations. Meets individually with each faculty member in a performance management session that is followed by a written summary, including any pertinent recommendations to the dean/associate dean/chair. • Supports academic hiring through active participation in faculty recruitment trips, interviews and candidate presentations. Follows the university’s hiring policies and procedures by submitting anticipated headcount needs, reviewing candidates and recommending hires for the department. When needed, consults with academic leaders at other university locations on hiring needs and decisions. • Makes decisions on student matters within defined academic support processes (such as course substitutions and exemptions, application for independent study or internships, waiver of prerequisites, etc.). • Works with the admission department to recruit talented students, both undergraduate and graduate, to SCAD and to the department. Coordinates faculty’s review of graduate student applications to ensure consistency and timeliness in the review process. • Leads faculty and staff in showcasing outstanding student work throughout the year, especially during SCAD Days and other high-profile events. • Collaborates with career and alumni success to assist with career and internship opportunities. • Coordinates submission of student work to competitions and awards in concert with the institutional recognition office. • Prepares required quarterly, annual and ad hoc reports related to the department. • Monitors key departmental data (enrollment, seat utilization, registration, retention, graduation, employment, etc.) to achieve excellence and maximum efficiency in all operations. • Reviews, evaluates and approves purchase and travel requests, and follows the university policies in managing the departmental budget. • Serves as front-line ambassador for the department and seeks to promote the university at every opportunity. • Forges and maintains new partnerships with professional and academic organizations and industries. • Anticipates trends and recommends strategies for implementing new, or incorporating trends into existing, academic programs and services. • Resolves, when appropriate, faculty and/or student issues; utilizes good judgement and consults the applicable parties. • Teaches classes in fall, winter and spring quarters, as assigned by academic services and human resources. • May report for duties during the summer quarter if identified as needed. • Extends support and provides assistance to achieve success in all accreditation matters. • Collaborates across departments and locations to ensure success for the university and its students. - (Essential)

Minimum Qualifications: • Terminal degree (or equivalent) in the discipline or in a relevant field.
• Leadership and supervisory experience in academics or significant professional experience in an appropriate discipline.
• Distinguished record of scholarship, teaching and/or professional expertise.
• A successful career as a faculty member and/or discipline professional, including a reputation for model leadership, excellence in the field, high standards and innovation.
• Leadership ability to transform strategic vision into implementation through measurable actions.
• A commitment to teaching and learning, and excellence in academics.
• Thorough understanding of curriculum development and the utilization of assessment to improve student learning and academic programs.
• Ability to conduct thorough, thoughtful and fair performance evaluations, including classroom observations, productive individual evaluation meetings and clearly stated written evaluations that reinforce a faculty member’s strength and opportunities for improvement with suggested strategies and support for improvement.
• The knowledge to define the needs of the department on new faculty hires and the personnel judgement to make appropriate recommendations for hiring and reappointment.
• The judgement to make good and fair decisions in the student’s best academic interests with regard to various waivers and expectations and the ability to capture those decisions in appropriate reports.
• Willingness to collaborate with admission on the recruitment and review of students, with career and alumni success on employment and internship opportunities for students and on building links to careers related to the discipline and with other academic and non-academic departments in the best interests of students and the university.
• Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and exceptional work ethic to meet expectations and deadlines in such matters as academic scheduling, budgetary management and oversight, and preparation of required reports.
• Outstanding interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.
• Evidence of success in creative and collaborative endeavors.
• Innovative, energetic and model leadership.
• Dedication to personal and professional integrity.

Preferred Qualifications:

Certificates, licenses and registrations:

Work Hours:As noted in the Employment Agreement.

ADA Tag: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Special instructions to applicants: