Dean/College of Business Administration

The Dean of the College of Business Administration is responsible for all operations of the College, providing leadership for undergraduate and graduate education on-campus, off-campus and online. The Dean reports to the Executive Vice President/Provost and is a member of the Council of Deans, Academic Senate, and Academic Planning Council. As a member of the Council of Deans, the Dean of the College of Business Administration is expected to share collective responsibility for advancing the academic mission of Central Michigan University ("CMU") in a manner that extends beyond simply acting as an advocate for the College. The Dean of CBA is responsible for ensuring that the College supports the initiatives in the current CMU strategic plan. Consequently, the Dean of CBA is expected to work collaboratively with the heads of other units to develop and implement CMU-wide plans designed to improve student success. The fundamental charge of this leadership position is the creation of an educational environment that places student success at the forefront, leveraging collaborative, experiential learning opportunities with faculty, business and civic leaders, and private enterprise to ensure that graduates are equipped with the most current, up to date skills needed to succeed in a fast-changing, dynamic and diverse business world. The academic units that comprise the College include: Departments of Business Information Systems, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Law, Management, Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration, and the School of Accounting. Of the approximately 7000 business schools worldwide, the CBA is among the 820 schools in 53 countries that has AACSB accreditation and one of 187 schools that holds an additional, specialized AACSB Accreditation for their accounting program. The Dean is the public face of the College of Business Administration at CMU. The Dean will possess a strong understanding of the diverse stakeholders associated with business education today, ranging from today's technology-savvy student and their evolving educational needs, to the increasingly global job market, the goals and desires of individual and corporate donors, and a new generation of business faculty. The Dean will possess the capacity to leverage CMU's existing strengths and national recognition in entrepreneurship, information systems and use of SAP software, professional sales, marketing logistics and more, while developing visibility and prestige in the College's lesser-recognized programs." The Dean will effectively manage the competing needs of College stakeholders, while continually challenging students, faculty, donors, and corporate partners to elevate the level of collaboration and communication amongst each constituency.Academic credentials in a relevant field associated with business education and academic achievements appropriate for appointment as a tenured full professor in a department within the College.Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to public higher education; Demonstrated record of outstanding administrative and academic leadership success.Demonstrated record of teaching excellence and mentoring of students.Strong budgeting and financial planning experience.Demonstrated history of innovative program development.Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.Demonstrated commitment to shared governance.Evidence of effective written and interpersonal communication skills.Willingness and demonstrated ability to act as the public face of the College of Business Administration, traveling domestically and abroad as needed to support student and faculty recruitment, program development and fundraising opportunities.Evidence of effective advocacy for all disciplines represented within the College of Business Administration.Demonstrated ability to engage and forge partnerships with business and industry leaders in the private sector.Recognized as a national leader with major corporate experience could use those outstanding skills in place of some of the academic experiences if it advances the college and student opportunities for success.Proven record of engaging alumni, friends of the university, corporations and foundations in the cultivation of significant charitable investments in projects and programs within the College.

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