Director of Financial Aid

Announcement is hereby made for the full-time position of Director of Financial Aid on the Eastern Campus. The Eastern Campus Financial Aid Director oversees a  staff of three  full-time employees who are responsible for the distribution of $ 8.3 million in financial aid to eligible students each year. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the campus received applications for more than 2,900 current or prospective students. The Financial Aid office assists applicants with the complex financial aid process and provides overall advice about funding educational expenses.


The Director is a 12-month Guild (Unit 4) position, and, as such, the salary and benefits for this position are determined according to the salary and benefits plan for the Guild of Administrative Officers.


Job Description:

The Director is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state financial aid rules and regulations, as well as instructional policies and procedures. This involves training of staff, monitoring different processes such as the verification of financial aid applications, administering the satisfactory academic progress regulations, as well as reconciling campus disbursements to ensure funds are awarded accurately. Further, the Director is responsible for representing the College at numerous recruitment and community service outreach activities, including open houses, SUNY Financial Aid Day, and financial aid presentations.


The Director works closely with other campus offices to enhance and improve enrollment processes. The Director plays a key role in ensuring the financial aid office is continually assessing its activities to provide outstanding support to the constituents of Suffolk County Community College.  Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  1. Manages the day-to-day operation of the Eastern Campus financial aid operation, including the implementation of all federal and state programs, policies, services and regulations. This requires the Director to maintain a working knowledge of all current and pending federal and state regulations.
  2. Coordinates all financial aid student advising and the dissemination of pertinent information to the campus community; assists with financial aid and emergency loan applications, bookstore roster updates, and the Satisfactory Academic Progress rules and regulations.
  3. Coordinates the processing of financial aid applications, the collection of all required documents and data, the verification of applicant data and determination of awards, and the disbursement of awards. Supervises appropriate case review and record maintenance.
  4. Selects, trains, supervises and evaluates all personnel assigned to the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Serves on various College and campus committees.
  6. Assists students with resolving financial aid difficulties. Responsible for all financial aid appeals, income adjustments, dependency overrides, special circumstances and all other professional judgement concerns.
  7. Counsels students on eligibility requirements for specific financial aid programs, including, but not limited to the Excelsior Scholarship Program.
  8. Collaborates with the campus division of student services in the planning, developing, and coordinating of enrollment and retention programs.
  9. Provides community outreach activities and presentations both on and off campus.
  10. Coordinates assessment efforts and record-keeping and generates reports of students served by the Financial Aid Office.
  11. Establishes annual goals and assures that Financial Aid services are carried out in accordance with institutional priorities, policies, divisional goals, and federal and state regulations.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned by the Associate Dean of Student Services.


Minimum Qualifications:

A Master's Degree is required. A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in financial aid within a college or university setting is required. At least four years' experience providing leadership, management and supervision is preferred. Strong technical skills, Banner experience and public college experience is preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required.



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