Tenure-Track Professor in the field of Strongly correlated materials and superconductivity

The University of Vienna is looking for an excellent candidate for a tenure track position in the field of strongly-correlated materials and superconductivity. The position is situated within the research area condensed matter physics with great opportunities for research synergies with the existing groups.

The main research direction is experimental study of electrical, magnetic or transport properties of solids or study of new classes of superconducting materials and hybrid systems for novel low-dissipative devices based on them.

The candidate is expected to have (1) a strong background in the topical areas of superconductivity and solid state physics, strongly-correlated materials or low temperature physics, documented by peer-reviewed scientific publications, (2) visibility within the relevant research community, documented for example by invited talks at leading international conferences and seminars, monographs, reviews and/or roadmap articles, and (3) track-record of successful acquisition of significant third-party projects.

For more information and for sending an application by 01/15/2024, see: https://jobs.univie.ac.at/job/Tenure-Track-Professor-in-the-field-of-Strongly-correlated-materials-and-superconductivity/1001235301/