Associate Dean, College of Education

The Associate Dean provides assistance to the College Dean in the administration of the college which may include, but is not limited to, department head and faculty recruitment and development, department head and faculty evaluation, program development, program review, student advisement, college budgeting and budget control, and indirect supervision of the teaching, research, and service activities of the college.

1. Support the Academic Dean in leading efforts to meet national and state accreditation standards.
2. Provide oversight of Continuous Improvement efforts in the COE and EPPU.
3. Documented success in the following areas: leading accreditation efforts, developing high quality assessments, understanding database development and management, knowledge of data analyses and reporting.
4. Documented experience supervising staff and working collaboratively with teams, committees, councils and administrators, across the university in order to promote COE/EPP accreditation efforts.
5. Excellent communication and organization skills, self-motivated, and proactive.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications

The minimum acceptable qualifications for the position of Associate Dean are prescribed by the College Dean in concert with guidance from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A record of inclusive conduct and evidence of multicultural skills in the workplace are required.