Peralta Community College District



Salary Range: $357,542 - $402,553 - Negotiable

Application Deadline Date: July 31, 2023


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Job Description Summary    

The Chancellor of the Peralta Community College District is responsible for improving access to higher education in the many communities served by the four colleges while creating a quality learning environment designed to ensure student success. The Chancellor will also lead and oversee all operations of the District to ensure that the colleges are administered in accordance with federal and California laws and regulations, as well as the policies adopted by the seven-member elected Board of Trustees.



1. Ensure that student access, equity, and success are the primary foci of the District.

2. Implement fiscal and organizational reforms to sustain the District’s fiscal stability and effectiveness for the short- and long-term.

3. Improve District morale by demonstrating respect, enthusiasm, and commitment to the work and success of the Peralta Community College District and empowering employees to succeed in accordance with their skills and job requirements.

4. Cultivate a strong, positive CEO/Board relationship that promotes the success of students, the Colleges, and the District as a whole.

5. Develop and implement a system in which inequalities of gender, race, sexuality, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, immigration status, and other cultural and demographic indicators among students and employees are identified, discussed, addressed, and assessed.

6. Develop partnerships with local entities to ensure successful transition into the Peralta Colleges from District high schools as well as local communities.

7. Provide leadership in financial management and budget planning, facilities construction and maintenance, and bond financing programs.

8. Serve as a leader in the community to advance the long-term economic vitality of the region.



1. A strong set of core values based on ethical principles that model integrity, honesty, candor, fairness, humility, persistence, and flexibility.

2. A communication style that includes listening as well as effective open, accurate and timely written, interpersonal, and formal presentation skills.

3. Strong skills in recruiting and appointing outstanding staff, delegating to them responsibility for accomplishing the work of the District and evaluating their performance in achieving clearly defined, measurable goals.

4. A commitment to collective bargaining and participatory governance processes at the District and College levels.

5. Positivity and excitement to lead the Peralta Community Colleges.

6. Ability to strengthen the Peralta brand and prestige.

7. An appreciation for the unique mission of the comprehensive community college.


Duties & Responsibilities    


In leading the Peralta Community College District, the next chancellor will:


Demonstrate a deep commitment to student access and success for currently enrolled students, former students and those who have not yet arrived;


Demonstrate a passion for, and sensitivity to, the wonderful diversity of the District’s service area and relentlessly support that diversity through actions designed to enhance student access and success;


Provide leadership District-wide to align expenditures with strategies for student access and success, while achieving defined financial goals and maintaining financial stability;


Embraces a style of leadership that respects shared governance and a transparent environment of decision making designed to include those who will ultimately implement the decisions;


Fully engage and work with the elected Board of Trustees to understand their priorities and to support their responsibility for leadership and oversight of the District;


Work with the Board, faculty, staff students and community to develop and articulate a vision for the future of the Peralta District in a clear and compelling manner;


Bring together leaders of the faculty, staff, students and administration from across the district as a team working to enhance student access and success;


Lead the District in the revision of systems in support of the work of the colleges, including the areas of finance, information technology, facilities, and human resources;


Communicate effectively with the Board, staff and community in ways that ensure a clear understanding of the District’s reality, create a passion for the mission and encourage everyone to achieve the goals of student access and success;


Be entrepreneurial in working to attract sources of funding to support the outstanding programs and services of the District designed to improve student access and success;


Increase reliance on data-driven information in making informed decisions at all levels of governance designed to enhance student access and success;


Respond to changing demographics within the community and ensure that District programs and services are reflective of the current needs of the service area;


Aggressively advocate for the District with the state legislature, as well as local and federal governments and agencies;


Be responsible for ensuring that board policies, applicable bargaining agreements and state and federal education statues are consistently adhered to in the District by holding accountable those responsible for their implementation;


Be committed to a District-wide curriculum that addresses civic engagement and justice issues;


Be committed to staff development of the district’s talented and diverse faculty, staff and administrators;


Foster mutual respect and democratic values, which have historically created a unique esprit de corps among the students, faculty and staff of the Peralta District.


Leadership/Management Characteristics and Expectations

In leading the Peralta Community College District, the next chancellor will:


Put the access of citizens and community members to the colleges and the success of students enrolled as the driving priority in everything undertaken in the District;


Demonstrate a strong set of core values based on ethical principles that value integrity, honesty, candor, fairness, humility and flexibility;


Embrace a communication style that includes listening as well as effective written, interpersonal and formal presentation;


Include strong skills in team-building, recruiting and appointing outstanding staff, delegating to them responsibility for accomplishing the work of the District, and evaluating their performance in achieving clearly defined, measurable goals;


Demonstrate an appreciation of the unique mission of the comprehensive community college; That demonstrates experience in and a commitment to the collective bargaining process for all employee groups as mandated for the California Community College;


Demonstrate knowledge of and success in fulfilling accreditation and compliance demands;


Demonstrate experience with planning, development and the construction of educational facilities, and bond financing programs;


Demonstrate an ability to work productively with an elected seven-member Board of Trustees;


Demonstrate commitment to the integration of environmental sustainability;


Demonstrate a history of successful implementation of student equity and success initiatives;


Respect and utilizes the District’s Planning and Budgeting Integration Model (PBIM), which is based on a shared/participatory system of governance that relies on transparency, open communication and listening in dealing with District employees, students, the community and the Board of Trustees;


Invite all college constituencies to work together in creating a shared vision and governance process for accomplishing the District Strategic Plan and the Educational Master Plans of the colleges; and


Work to strengthen the Peralta brand and prestige while articulating the uniqueness of the colleges through vigorous community involvement with local organizations, groups and activities.




A Master’s Degree from an accredited institution or equivalent.


Demonstrated commitment to, and evidence of, leading a college or district to achieve higher levels of student access and success.


Documented successful experience at the senior administrative level in a complex organization, preferably within a community college setting or another institution of higher education.


Demonstrated understanding of, promotion of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, disability and ethnic backgrounds of Peralta Colleges’ students, faculty, staff and community.



Minimum of five years demonstrated experience as a successful senior administrator. Postsecondary teaching experience, preferably in community colleges.


Experience in a multi-college district.


Experience in supporting and providing technical assistance to individual colleges within a multi-college district.


Experience in shared governance and collective bargaining within a college environment and demonstrated respect for the process.


Knowledge of the role of community colleges in economic development.


Earned Doctorate strongly preferred.