Inaugural Dean, College of Health

Lehigh University

Inaugural Dean, College of Health

Lehigh University is among the most selective, highly ranked private research universities in the United States and currently enrolls 5,080 undergraduate and 1,979 graduate students. Located in Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh is 50 miles from Philadelphia and 75 miles from New York City. 

Under the leadership of President John Simon and the Board of Trustees, Lehigh has now embarked on an ambitious plan, Path to Prominence, that will allow it to grow and evolve into an even more impactful and innovative university. One of the key elements of Path to Prominence is to expand its global presence in areas of new and rising importance. The university plans to launch a new College of Health, its fifth college, in the Fall of 2020.

In an age of accelerating change, there are challenges and disparities across the landscape of human health. Given this context the College of Health at Lehigh University provides an opportunity for its occupants to think, operate and collaborate in new and innovative ways and have deliberate direct impact in targeted aspects of health. The new College of Health provides the opportunity to broaden Lehigh’s internal collaborations and external partnerships, develop new funding streams, deepen Lehigh’s national presence and to expand its attraction and retention of the very best faculty, staff and students.  The Lehigh attitude of marrying theory and practice will contribute significantly in an era of accelerating health innovation and change. Because they lie at the center of many of the biggest challenges in health and healthcare, the two areas of health that will be the initial areas of focus for the new College are (1) value-based healthcare and (2) biological and social determinants of health. 

Lehigh University seeks an energetic, forward-thinking innovative leader with a bold vision and a commitment to scholarly excellence to serve as the Inaugural Dean of the College of Health. The Dean will play a critical and instrumental role in developing, leading and championing this new institution and will bring to the College of Health the requisite experience, stature, foresight and vision to lead the College of Health to success. Candidates must qualify for a tenured appointment as Professor in the College of Health, and must have a breadth and depth of leadership experience in the health industry in environments such as academia, public health, government, or private sector. Interested candidates are invited to apply and nominations of others are welcome. Candidates should possess the following criteria and qualifications:

• Is forward looking and visionary, with a track record of fostering and embracing innovation;

• Is a leader who is inspirational, team-oriented and will champion the new College of Health;

• Has knowledge and stature to effectively attract and recruit strong faculty and to establish research programs and appreciate Lehigh’s commitment to strengthening the role of research;

• Values a cross-college collaborative environment, and is eager to partner internally and externally;

• Has a broad-based understanding of the health and health care industries and the ability to stay abreast of trends and market forces that are shaping the industry;

• Is a relationship builder who embraces the internal and external responsibilities of being head of a startup institution, with the ability and desire to work effectively with the health community, donors, alumni, and other stakeholders in resource development and advancement.

Lehigh University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.

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