Positive Youth Development Institute Director

The Positive Youth Development Institute Director is a senior level administrator who will provide organizational, cross-disciplinary and creative leadership for the Positive Youth Development Institute within Cooperative Extension. This full-time role will be responsible for strategic, financial, and operational oversight of the institute’s programming, including community youth development, youth leadership and civic engagement, and Wisconsin 4-H programs. The Institute Director provides administrative and creative leadership in all areas of institute operations, vision, program development, evaluation and implementation; external partnership development; development of financial resources and budgetary administration; and human resource development and administration. The director will support the institute’s contribution to scholarly applied research and knowledge exchange as part of delivering evidence-based education, outreach, and programming.

The Institute Director reports directly to the Associate Dean for Youth, Family & Community Development for management and supervision, hiring and employment authority, employment changes, compensation and benefits, supplies and expense budget, development and approval of their plan of work, and performance reviews. Successful applicants will be considered for ranked faculty status, but this is not a requirement of the position.