Assistant Vice President and Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Services (Onsite)

The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) seeks a forward thinking, adept, and influential leader for the position of Assistant Vice President and Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Services (“AVP”) to oversee the Campus Safety department serving the TCCS and the seven member institutions of The Claremont Colleges.

The AVP plans, organizes, directs, oversees, evaluates, and improves the operations, staffing, and finances of the Campus Safety Department and ensures compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as internal policies and procedures. The AVP oversees and administers daily operations and services. Specific duties include:

Leadership and Oversight

  1. Develop, lead, oversee, assess, and enhance all Campus Safety operations for TCCS and the seven educational institutions of The Claremont Colleges. Be proactive, collaborative, and adaptive.
    1. Ensure services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per year, all year as outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Campus Safety.
    2. Establish collective and individual or tailored response procedures for the seven institutions and TCCS to meet the needs and demands of each.
    3. Develop, implement, and lead appropriate initiatives that augment the department's service capabilities and delivery, including threat assessment and dignitary protection.
    4. Ensure customer complaints are investigated and resolved in a timely and diplomatic manner.
    5. Develop, implement, and conduct Crime Prevention and Awareness Programs.
    6. Collaborate with stakeholders across TCCS and TCC (e.g., senior leadership, deans, campus administrators, professors, student organizations, etc.) to promote safety and good mutual working relations.
    7. Provide information and direction to The Claremont Colleges community as applicable.
  2. Develop and communicate vision, annual goals, and strategic plans. Oversee the implementation, navigate challenges, and course correct as needed.
  3. Prepare and oversee an annual department budget.
  4. Develop and oversee emergency services and reporting of incident and crime prevention.
    1. Collaborate with the Student Deans Committee.
    2. Provide updates to the Operations Section Chief for the emergency operation center.
  5. Administer and enforce regulations governing the use of motor vehicles across the consortium.
  6. Oversee compliance with criminal law procedures across TCCS and TCC.
  7. Ensure that records are maintained, produced, and reported/published as required by law, including Annual Campus Safety Reports for each institution and TCCS to comply with the Jeanne Clery Act and Student Right-to-Know Act.
  8. Oversee creation and maintenance of essential department publications (e.g., policies and procedures manual, parking & traffic regulations, etc.).
  9. Collaborate regularly with the Claremont Police Department (CPD) and maintain a written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) about Campus Safety’s role versus that of CPD at TCC and TCCS.
  10. Cooperate with municipal agencies in the enforcement of Claremont City Ordinances where applicable.
  11. Establish and maintain good working relations with other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.

Supervision and Development

  1. Oversee all department employment transactions (e.g., selection, hiring, training, evaluations, promotions, terminations, salary recommendations, etc.).
  2. Ensure compliance with:
    1. department rules and policies;
    2. applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations; and
    3. safe work practices, procedures, and training requirements.
  3. Ensure ongoing professional training and development.
  4. Oversee department performance management. Ensure completion of job performance discussions and written documentation at least once per year.
  5. Coach and develop direct reports and ensure the provision of the necessary resources, training, and opportunities for successful performance of their duties and advancement.

Supervisory Responsibility – Direct Reports: Assistant Director of Campus Safety/Captain, Senior Administrative Assistant, Administrative Services Manager, and Emergency Services Manager.

Work Schedule: The regular hours for this full-time position are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. May be required to work holiday, weekend, and/or evening hours. Regular hours may vary due to needs of the organization or business unit.

Vaccination: TCCS requires the COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.  New employees are required to present evidence of complete COVID-19 vaccination within 30 calendar days of hire, unless a medical or religious accommodation or exemption is requested and granted.


Pay: The monthly salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position, from $12,500 to $15,833 per month.

Benefits: We are delighted to offer a comprehensive employment benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 10% retirement contributions (no matching required), tuition benefits for employees and their dependents, $50,000 group life insurance, generous time off, professional development funds, discounts for mobile plans, software, and entertainment, and access to fitness facilities and classes. For more information about our full range of generous benefits please visit Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions in the plan or policy documents.


You are an experienced, confident, compassionate, and thoughtful leader with a talent for developing a positive and adaptive work environment. You thrive in a dynamic environment that requires flexibility, tact, and critical thinking. You are comfortable responding to and taking the lead in high-stakes situations. In addition, you have:

  1. Knowledge of California laws, especially as it relates to the California Penal Code, California Vehicle Code, and the California Health and Safety Code with significant knowledge in the laws of arrest, and search and seizure.
  2. Sensitivity to and appreciate for cultural, religious, ethnic and lifestyle diversity.
  3. Advanced organizational and managerial skills, including the ability to set a vision based on a service orientation, goals, and objectives, and monitor performance for a large and visible department.
  4. The ability to set priorities and develop adaptive short- and long-term goals for a large and visible department.
  5. A strong ability to build teams and develop and empower employees.
  6. The ability to remain composed, focused, and effective in emergency and conflict situations.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to establish, foster, and maintain positive and harmonious working relationships with a diverse population of individuals at all levels of an organization, including leadership, peers, customers, agency officials, TCC community members, the public, the City of Claremont, and others.
  8. Skills in building partnerships - Identifying opportunities and taking action to build strategic relationships between own area and other areas, teams, departments, units, or organizations to achieve business goals
  9. Strategic decision-making skills - obtaining information and identifying key issues and relationships relevant to achieving a long-range goal or vision; committing to a course of action to accomplish a long-range goal or vision after developing alternatives based on logical assumptions, facts, available resources, constraints, and organization values.
  10. Adaptability - maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work, tasks, or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or culture.
  11. A forward-thinking personality which can perceive areas of improvement or opportunities for change when it is appropriate and knows how to effectively implement those changes with the required sensitivity.
  12. The ability to always demonstrate and promote integrity and the highest standards of professional conduct, with sensitivity for the perception of security/law enforcement personnel in a culturally diverse and socially aware environment.
  13. A customer focus - making customers and their needs a primary focus of your actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships.
  14. Strong written and oral communication skills in English - clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  15. The ability to align team performance for success, focusing and guiding others in accomplishing work objectives.
  16. The ability to facilitate change, encouraging others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change.
  17. The ability to use and care for safety equipment such as the baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, blood borne pathogens and first aid kits.
  18. Good physical fitness to meet the physical requirements of the position.

Education: You have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related field, or the equivalent in a combination of education, training, and additional experience beyond the minimum required. Satisfactory completion of a supervisory training (e.g., certificate).

Experience:  You have five (5) years of experience in law enforcement, residential college or university security, or related work experience which includes supervisory, administrative, and budgetary responsibilities.

If you have the following, we would especially like to hear from you:

  • Successful completion of the mandated training requirements for the "School Campus Law Enforcement Course" pursuant to California Penal Code Section 832.3(g) and (h); OR the ability to complete the course within the first six (6) months of employment.
  • Five to seven (5-7) years of work experience in college or university campus/public safety department in position of increasing responsibility.


Only qualified applicants please. Applications are only accepted through our applicant portal at

Additional Materials: Please have the following items as a Word or PDF file ready to upload to complete your application:

  1. Resume: Include relevant experience with dates and other qualifications, and
  2. Cover Letter (Optional): Briefly, describe the extent of your leadership and administrative experience, including breadth of responsibility, level of autonomy, and development of partnerships or collaboration.

About Campus Safety

The Campus Safety department of The Claremont Colleges Services is dedicated to protecting the persons and property of The Claremont Colleges community. As a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-per-week, and year-round provider of service, we remain committed to ensuring the safest environment where the educational goals, social engagements, and recreational activities of the seven member institutions of the consortium can be experienced in the safest manner possible. We encourage you to learn more about us by visiting us online at