Research Faculty in Population Health & Health Equity

Research Faculty in Population Health & Health Equity

Rutgers Center for State Health Policy (CSHP), within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research, is recruiting for both a tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty to contribute to the recently launched New Jersey Population Health Cohort Study. The overarching goal of this study is to produce practical, actionable information for improving population health, well-being & health equity in New Jersey and beyond. These positions are ideal for candidates with a strong interest and enthusiasm in helping achieve successful implementation of the NJ Cohort Study and contributing to cutting-edge science.

Qualified candidates will have a doctoral degree in a relevant field such as psychology, sociology, or epidemiology and at least one year of relevant post-doctoral experience. The ability to analyze one or more types of data being collected in the Cohort study (i.e., actigraphy, genetic marker and biomarker, and linked administrative and environmental data) in addition to interview data, is also of interest. Other core qualifications include:

1)    Training and experience in advanced analytic techniques applicable to longitudinal cohort data.

2)    Record of successful multi-disciplinary collaboration and, for senior candidates, mentorship of students and early-stage investigators.

3)    Ability to successfully engage and communicate with study subjects, community and public policy leaders, or other study stakeholders.

4)    Record of successful peer-reviewed publication, appropriate to rank, addressing population health, well-being and/or health equity.

5)    Record of leadership of, or contributions to, major successful peer-reviewed grant proposals to the NIH or other peer-reviewed grant sponsors, appropriate to applicant’s’ academic rank.

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