Assistant Vice Provost for Strategy, Academic Engagement, and Operational Excellence

Position Overview
Reporting directly to the Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) and serving as a member of the SEM leadership team, the Assistant Vice Provost for Strategy, Academic Engagement, and Operational Excellence serves as the office's primary advocate for the effective use of project and change management principles in support of SEM’s strategic priorities. At the direction of the Vice Provost and in partnership with other SEM leadership team members, the position sets priorities, gives direction and advances success metrics that align with SEM goals. The AVP will be an outcome driven, data-informed, resourceful, results-oriented, and strategic leader who has a professional passion for supporting operational excellence initiatives. The AVP will cultivate and maintain key external stakeholder relationships, work collaboratively with academic departments, and help drive strategic enrollment initiatives. The successful AVP will be an innovative and strategic thinker with an open and “collaborative doer” style of leadership that fosters teamwork, sustains a learning environment for staff and supports a dedicated, results-oriented team that earns the trust of the university community. The position leads the deployment of project and change management principles and practices in a way that fosters the office’s capacity for innovation, collaboration, communication, continuous improvement, and goal attainment. This position collaborates with SEM units, academic colleges, and administrative units to achieve the university’s ambitious strategic goals for enrollment management and operational excellence within SEM.


Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Creation, Monitoring, and College Collaboration (45%)

  • Under the direction of the Vice Provost, coordinate strategic enrollment management planning process through monitoring of goals, engagement of colleges, coordination of enrollment work groups, convening annual review of enrollment target performance, and other related initiatives as determined by the Vice Provost.
  • Collaborate with academic colleges and SEM units to ensure coordination and alignment of strategic enrollment plans, goals, and targets.
  • Assist Vice Provost in monitoring enrollment numbers throughout the academic year to ensure enrollment initiatives are aligned with SEM and college goals.
  • Coordinate the development and operations of a university strategic enrollment management council, operations committee, and other advisory bodies that support the work of the Vice Provost.
  • Serve as a key partner in institution-wide initiatives targeting student recruitment, enrollment, progression, and other initiatives impacting the university’s overall enrollment goals.
  • Lead SEM units in the creation of workplans designed to make intentional progress towards academic and strategic enrollment goals.
  • Facilitate ongoing dialogue with academic college’s, SEM units, and other constituents to ensure enrollment strategies align with SEM goals.
  • Lead strategic initiatives as assigned by Vice Provost
  • In conjunction with SEM Vice Provost, Vice Provost for Academic Programs, coordinate with admissions to conduct market and demand analyses for new academic programs.


SEM Project Management Leadership and Oversight (35%)

  • Develop, implement, and monitor required project and change management training for all SEM leaders and project managers.
  • Work collaboratively with other members of SEM’ leadership team to ensure appropriate change management principles are outlined prior to projects and new initiatives being submitted for approval to the Vice Provost.
  • Develop and oversee systems for monitoring all strategic initiatives approved by the Vice Provost to ensure alignment with strategy, progress towards goals, indicators of success, and appropriate allocation of resources.
  • Lead the deployment of project and change management principles and practices in a way that fosters SEM’s capacity for innovation, collaboration, communication, continuous improvement planning and goal attainment.
  • Supervise department, institution-wide and/or inner-institutional projects and the implementation of strategic initiatives partnering with key departmental leaders, project managers and cross functional teams to deliver high quality outcomes
  • Be an advocate for and driver of key portfolio process optimizations through collaboration and consensus-building with project team members, management, and stakeholders. 
  • Build strategic relationships and collaborate with leaders across SEM, academic colleges, and the University to ensure the effective implementation, assessment and continuous improvement of strategic priorities of SEM.
  • Initiate, lead, and ensure success of strategic initiatives as directed by the Vice Provost.


Strategic Coordination Across SEM and other Administrative Units (25%)

  • Oversee the development and completion of student journey maps that outline touch points for students at all levels of the institution as they interact with SEM units.
  • Conduct review and maintain status update on all of SEM unit’s strategic initiatives to ensure alignment with SEM goals and objectives.
  • Work directly with Vice Provost leadership team and departments to ensure requests relating to budgets, positions, and other resources align with SEM’s strategic priorities.
  • Coordinate, review, and prioritize requests for all non-routine Strategic Marketing and Communication projects for the Vice Provost’s consideration.
  • On behalf of the Vice Provost, serve as SEM’s liaison with administrative units, conduct initial review of all financial, human resource, and other actions requiring the Vice Provost’s attention to develop recommendations for the Vice Provost’s consideration that align with strategic priorities.
  • In coordination with the appropriate committee chairs, lead development, implementation, and support of SEM employee well-being program to include oversight (and development) of Vice Provost Fellows program, staff development initiatives, and other professional development initiatives designed to foster an environment of staff growth, appreciation, and well-being.
  • Oversee the development of SEM annual report, bi-weekly unit status reports, and reporting requirements requested by the Vice Provost.
  • Under the direction of the Vice Provost, lead retreats, planning sessions, and other initiatives to ensure alignment of SEM units’ strategic goals and the SEM strategies.
  • Working collaboratively with the Vice Provost’s executive assistant, ensure the effective management of the Vice Provost’s office.
  • Oversee development of strong workplans, status updates, memos, and other materials requiring Vice Provost’s attention.
  • Coordinate with academic colleges in the development and support of cross functional strategic enrollment teams consisting of both SEM and college leaders to address specific college enrollment needs.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with administrators in marketing and communications, human resources, financial administration, and information technology to coordinate information, decisions, and resource allocation at the Vice Provost’s direction.


Minimum Education Required 

  • Master’s degree


Additional Education Desired 

  • Terminal Degree 


Required Qualifications  
The successful candidate will have demonstrated, progressively responsible leadership or management roles in business, government, higher education, or relevant fields (10+ years), as well as the demonstrated ability to lead, develop and apply best practices to a large comprehensive program or organization.  The successful candidate will possess proactive leadership skills including strategic planning and organizational prioritizing; strong financial and budget management skills; and supervisory skills which inspire, motivate, and foster a culture in which all staff members are treated with respect, fairness, equity and professionalism and which promotes professional development across all members of the team.

The successful candidate will also possess a strong understanding of the value of partnerships, ability to identify trends and current and emerging needs of constituents and will recognize the value of the student academic experience related to admission, retention, and graduation. Additionally, the successful candidate will possess the ability to challenge the status quo; the desire to continually improve an already high-functioning organization; a strong vision that promotes innovation, strategic thinking and high levels of collaboration; and a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion reflected in both staff supervision and student programs/services.

In addition to the minimum experiential and academic requirements indicated above, other desired characteristics, skills, actions and/or abilities noted from discussions with campus stakeholders include the following:

  • a strategic and data-informed decision-maker
  • experience working with academic colleges
  • strong leadership abilities that inspire staff and promote unity and teamwork, as well as human relations skills to deal effectively with personnel issues when necessary
  • strong and visionary budgeting and finance skills, with the ability to be strategic in all budgetary decisions and forecasting
  • strategic vision and the ability to motivate all levels of staff to support that vision
  • demonstrated experience with organizational development, leadership and management, with the ability to motivate, inspire, support and develop a team of committed professionals
  • an excellent communicator with the ability to reach all levels of the university, especially in advocating for the needs of and promoting the vision of strategic enrollment management
  • a great collaborator with internal departments and external colleagues, with the ability to understand the importance of interconnectedness, build strong relationships and serve as an ambassador for strategic enrollment management
  • a comprehensive commitment to customer service
  • ability to interpret the university’s priorities, translate those priorities to the staff and integrate them into policies, procedures, and plans
  • an individual who is adaptable to large changes on the spur of the moment, is not reactive and can address situations with a cool and collected demeanor
  • demonstrated experience in embracing and utilizing new and innovative technology
  • able to recognize the knowledge and experience of the current staff, willing to obtain their perspectives and utilize their input in making decisions and changes
  • an innovator with a futuristic orientation and willing to try new opportunities, remain informed on new trends and best or promising practices and lead significant change processes
  • able to listen carefully, ask knowledgeable questions, learn the department and its intricacies, accept input from staff and then make well-informed decisions
  • the ability to make difficult decisions, when necessary, to conduct difficult conversations when pertinent, to listen to all sides of an issue, to balance the needs of the people with the needs of the organization and to be resilient at all times regardless of the circumstances


We are accepting applications for this position until December 12, 2022. Please submit your cover letter and resume when applying.


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The Ohio State University is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status. The university is committed to establishing a culturally and intellectually diverse work environment, encouraging all members of our learning community to reach their full potential. We are responsive to dual-career families and strongly promote work-life balance to support our community members through a suite of institutionalized policies and practices.