Director of Research Publications

The Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) is seeking a Director of Research Publications to oversee all phases of development, execution and publication of its suite of written research outputs, including long form, expert-reviewed research projects, working papers, op-eds, commentaries and event summaries. The Director of Research Publications will work with CGEP's senior research scholars to develop short and long term research objectives and outputs, and will guide scheduling across all written products, and make sure all work upholds CGEP's quality standards. The Director of Research Publications will coordinate reviews of all research from the initial project outline to the first draft to the final produced research. The Director will also serve as a referee of all CGEP's written products, drawing on significant prior experience working with energy and energy policy topics. She or he will convey comments on research drafts from all referees back to authors and scholars, discussing those comments with them, and then reviewing the updated drafts to make sure reviewers' concerns have been addressed adequately.

The Director of Research Publications will serve as a primary editor on CGEP's written outputs, and will perform structural edits on both short and long form research. She or he will perform edits that ensure CGEP's final products are written at a level that is accessible for its targeted audiences, and write executive summaries that promote the work widely. The Director of Research Publications will also manage processes that provide additional insight into CGEP research products as described above. The Director will organize and enforce long deadlines across multiple streams of the research and production process, as well as meet extremely tight deadlines on work that is geared toward addressing breaking news.

The Director is responsible for creating and upholding CGEP's style requirements, both written and graphic. He or she will use Excel and prior expertise in energy statistics to create new graphics for CGEP products or adjust others to meet house style requirements. CGEP's Director of Research Publications is also responsible for overseeing the production of all research products. She or he will review the work of copy editors and proofs from designers, reverting back changes as needed, and work with the Communications Team to help develop roll out material and strategies.

The incumbent will work with other senior staff and research scholars to develop and enforce annual research plans, schedules, and strategies. He or she will identify and develop deep understanding of news and events unfolding in the world that are close to CGEP's core interests and leverage the knowledge and experience of its fellows to inform the public and specialized audiences. The Director will also hold regular meetings with CGEP researchers to develop new topics for research and commentary, and will regularly perform analysis of CGEP research quality and procedures to help devise ways of improving the same.

The Director will also be called upon to write, review and edit grant applications and promotional material, as well as other written products. He or she will serve as an advisor for various CGEP projects and initiatives at the discretion of the CGEP Director.  


Minimum Qualifications for Grade

Applicant MUST meet these minimum qualifications to be considered an applicant:

Master's degree or equivalent in experience required. Must have a minimum of seven years of related experience in editing and writing on energy and energy policy matters.  


Additional Position-Specific Minimum Qualifications

Applicant MUST meet these minimum qualifications to be considered an applicant:

Excellent organizational, supervisory, communication, and budget and project management skills essential. Excellent computer skills including thorough familiarity with Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel, required. Must have superior writing and editing skills and experience in database manipulation and management. Strong project management, writing and editing, analytical, and interpersonal communication skills required Must have significant demonstrated strengths in the following areas of management and leadership: organizing and performing reviews on both long and short form analytical papers, commentaries, op eds; meeting tight, news-driven deadlines as well as creating long term research plans across multiple disciplines; dealing with large groups of writers with different levels of energy experience and backgrounds located around the world, and keeping them on track with deadlines and quality control; writing and editing grant proposals; knowledge of energy data sources; creating promotional material; leading a production team and process; developing and leading quality control procedures across a suite of written products.  


Preferred Qualifications

10+ years of directly related experience highly preferred.


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