Vice President for Research

New Mexico State University is seeking a Vice President for Research who serves as the chief research official of the University. The individual serving in this role reports to the Provost and works closely with the President, Provost, other Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors of Schools, Colleges, and Research Institutes. She/he plays a central role in all national and international activities related to research policy and provides leadership to the University in identifying emerging research opportunities.

Policies and procedures designed by the Vice President for Research should be consistent with promotion and tenure procedures as well as with fostering interdisciplinary research on a comprehensive university campus in which there is a wide array of research interests, foci, and emerging agenda. She/he should be able to integrate research into the educational enterprise at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and ensure that access to research endeavors is campus-wide and ensure that the full array of historic research foci is respected and incorporated into new and emerging opportunities as possible. Of particular importance is promotion of technology transfer, agricultural research and science, business engagement and economic development, US/Mexico Border collaborations, and collaboration with NASA and Department of Defense facilities in the region.

The Vice President for Research is expected to maintain the integrity of research on campus, manage policies that promote high-quality research, exercise stewardship of laboratories and computer technology, and foster national and international collaborative research partnerships. This individual is responsible for coordinating activities that promote maximum participation of faculty and research staff in scholarly research or creative activities that strengthen the research portfolio of the campus.

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