Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Provides overall management, leadership and program direction for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Assists the Associate Vice President (AVP) in the coordination, planning, and development of Wellness & Athletics (WA).

Serves as a member of the WA leadership team and provides the AVP with critical information and feedback on all core matters related to the success of CAPS. Provides overall administration and coordination of the resources and activities of the clinic, including: strategic planning and goal setting; identification and attainment of service objectives; resource allocation; program evaluation; counseling; outreach; consultation; and preventive mental health activities. Develops, implements, and assesses the vision, purpose, aims, objectives, and strategies for all programs and services within CAPS. Develops the overall counseling services' planning, implementation, assessment, and quality improvement (PPIAQI Model) of the experience for students, faculty, and staff with an emphasis on student development, satisfaction, and retention. Advises the AVP on crisis issues providing leadership on issues related to mental health services and special projects. Assists the AVP with the creation and assessment of the WA Business Continuity Plan, Emergency Operations Plan, and Resource Allocation and Management Plan. Serves on Division and University committees as directed by the AVP (e.g., Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (CARE), and Emergency Preparedness Team, etc.). Strategizes and implements best practices in the design, development, and oversight of mental health programs. Assists the AVP with developing and implementing a strong student-centered philosophy within WA. Assists with the strategic planning process, mid-range and long-range planning, and the overall assessment and quality improvement of all WA programs and services. Serves as the administrator, lead trainer, and consultant regarding CAPS; develops and implements a series of workshops to assist students, faculty, and staff in matters of mental health. Ensures CAPS is in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws as well as all CSU Executive Orders and CI policies, procedures, and guidelines. Executes the preparation, planning, allocation, and management of financial resources for CAPS. Creates the annual operating budget and implements financial management policies and procedures for the department. Monitors and reports the financial state of the department monthly by providing past expenses, future projections, and strategic planning. Executes the preparation, planning, allocation, and management of staff resources for CAPS. Trains, supervises, and evaluates all staff within CAPS. Assists the AVP with leadership and facilitation of the area's staff orientation, leadership retreats, the on-going training and development of all WA personnel. Assists the AVP in strategizing long-range personnel plans based upon enrollment projections, anticipated revenue, and the strategic plan. Provides limited clinical services and consultation/liaison to the University community, particularly in high risk and crisis situations. Must be highly knowledgeable of the legal responsibility to report individuals at risk of harm to self/others and to maintain strict informational boundaries that in this environment are highly subject to pressure. Assists the AVP with providing leadership on special projects. Performs additional related duties as assigned.

Reports directly to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs-Wellness and Athletics. Provides direct supervision for psychologists, clinicians, trainees, and administrative staff, and indirect supervision of student assistants. Works collaboratively with the ADA Coordinator/Title IX and Inclusion Officer. Serves as a member of the WA leadership team. Forms collaborative relationships with students, WA staff, Division of Student Affairs staff, and other University administrators, faculty, and staff.

Master's degree from a regionally-accredited university in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, counselor education, social work, marriage and family, or other closely related discipline required; an earned doctorate is strongly preferred. Must have had a supervised internship, supervised field placement, or equivalent as part of the requirement for the degree, which included clinical assessment, counseling and crisis intervention, preferably with a diverse college-age population. At least five years of previous experience as a staff member in a clinical and/or counseling setting, at least one of which should be in an administrative supervisory capacity. Must have abilities and attributes that enable effective representation of mental health issues in the campus community, and effective interaction with, and the ability to gain the respect of, counseling staff, colleagues, administrators, faculty, staff, parents and students. Hold appropriate state or provincial licensure or certification. Graduate-level academic training in clinical and professional functioning, such as: diagnosis and assessment, counseling theory and practice, ethical issues, supervision, diversity, and research. Evidence of involvement and commitment to educational and professional development. The ability to present comprehensive evidence-based information to management, faculty, staff, and student groups. Knowledge of budgeting and forecasting for purposes of assisting in the development of a student affairs organization. Strong team building skills. Knowledge of National, State and local laws related to providing mental health services including FERPA & HIPAA is strongly preferred. Active experience with emergency management and/or behavioral/healthcare intervention activities. Skills in organizing and administering a comprehensive counseling program to meet the needs of a diverse community is strongly preferred.

A background check (including a criminal records check) must be completed satisfactorily before any candidate can be offered a position with the CSU. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the application status of applicants or continued employment of current CSU employees who apply for the position.

The person holding this position is considered a 'mandated reporter' under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.