Director of Public Safety

Oregon State’s Vice President for Finance and Administration seeks candidates for Director of Public Safety.

The mission of the OSU Department of Public Safety (DPS) is to provide a safe campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Oregon State University; to facilitate Oregon State University’s educational, research, and community service goals; and to provide these services with the highest standards of professionalism.

The purpose of the Director of Public Safety is to provide proactive leadership, direction, and planning for all functions and operations of the Department of Public Safety in the protection of life and property, enforcement of University policies and regulations, and the overall safety and well-being of the students, faculty and staff, and visitors to the OSU main campus in Corvallis as well as the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OSU-Cascades in Bend, and OSU-affiliated programs at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

The Director is responsible for the oversight and management of the overall operations of university wide Public Safety. Responsibilities include developing, implementing, and evaluating philosophy, short and long-range goals and objectives. Employees develop, implement and enforce plans, policies, procedures, systems, programs and performance standards. They participate in strategic planning efforts as part of the management team. They are responsible for managing staff, equipment and facilities. They determine resource needs and priorities and make recommendations to executive management. They determine training needs and make appropriate arrangements for provision of training.

The Director directs, coordinates, and oversees the activities of the OSU Department of Public Safety in accordance with OSU’s mission, policies, and procedures.  The Director oversees a team of public safety officers, dispatch services and proactive efforts to educate the community, and assists with emergency and disaster response coordination on behalf of the institution. The Director establishes strong collaborative working relationships with all facets of the university community.

The Director oversees the University relationship with Oregon State Police (OSP), the agency that provides law enforcement services to the University.  While DPS does not provide enforcement of laws, DPS and OSP have a close working relationship, with direct daily contact between the director of public safety and the OSP leader.

The Director will closely monitor and oversee the operations of the Department of Public Safety and ensure all officers are properly trained and have appropriate certifications for their positions.

The Director will be involved in making budgetary and contract recommendations for the department.

The Director implements and maintains compliance with OSU policies and procedures; as well as all relevant Local, State, and Federal laws.