Executive Dean/Campus CEO Eastern Campus


Executive Dean/Campus CEO

 The Executive Dean (Campus CEO) reports to the President and serves as the campus chief academic, student service, and administrative officer. His/her primary responsibility is the management of campus faculty, administrators, and support staff and providing oversight for the integrity and direction of campus infrastructure, programs and services. Responsibilities for the Executive Dean (Campus CEO) include the following:

1. Supervises and coordinates the work of the campus administrators to insure effective communication, efficient administration and consistent application of college-wide policies and procedures.

2. Oversees the recruitment, interviewing process and reference checks for all potential professional employees, and makes recommendations to the President on the appointment, evaluation and retention of all campus professional staff members.

3. Reviews and evaluates recommendations from campus administrators in accordance with college procedures and contractual agreements regarding employment, promotion, continuing appointment and termination of campus personnel.

4. Participates in the development and evaluation of the curricula, courses and programs of instruction offered on the campus and forwards recommendations as appropriate.

5. Supports the utilization of technology in the development and delivery of academic programs and student services.

6. Coordinates campus program reviews, strategic planning, and outcomes assessment activities in conformance with College policies, procedures and schedules.

7. Directs the development of a student-centered campus master class schedule.

8. Coordinates the preparation and monitoring of the campus budget.

9. Supports and encourages creative retention and recruitment initiatives.

10. Serves on college-wide and campus academic committees and task forces.

11. Monitors the College catalog relative to campus curricula, courses and academic policy.

12. Oversees maintenance of building, grounds and facilities.

13. Performs other related duties as assigned by the President.


Minimum Qualifications: A doctoral degree is preferred; a master’s degree is required. A substantial record of incremental administrative experience in higher education, preferably at the community college level, and expertise in program review, as well as the accreditation process is necessary.  Some history of teaching experience in a college-level classroom is required

 Suffolk County Community College seeks a proven and dynamic leader to assume the position of Campus  Executive Dean of the Eastern Campus. The Executive Dean will be a visionary, capable of developing and implementing strategic, effective responses to current challenges that impact a publicly supported institution of higher education. In addition to being an accomplished educator with an appropriate graduate degree from an accredited university, the ideal candidate will have higher education administrative experience and possess executive management skills to direct and oversee all campus operations. The successful candidate will have a collaborative, transparent, and inclusive leadership style that is built upon excellent communication skills and will embrace a commitment to engage internal and external stakeholders as participants in campus decision-making processes. The Executive Dean of the Eastern Campus of Suffolk County Community College will be a visible and effective member of the community, interacting with other educational institutions, elected officials, and community and business organizations.  In addition, the Executive Dean will serve as a member of the senior leadership team of the College under the leadership of President Shaun L. McKay.  Further, it is expected that the Executive Dean will possess the following attributes:

 Philosophic Attributes

•Commitment to achieving academic excellence in a student-centered campus environment

•Understanding the mission of a public two-year community college within a rapidly changing higher education landscape

•Appreciation of the role of teaching and incorporation of this value in higher education administration

•Appreciation for the co-curricular role of student services in the promotion of academic excellence and student learning

•Commitment to strengthening community partnerships and collaborations with external stakeholders for the mutual benefit of the campus, the county, and the state

•Recognition of and respect for the values of shared governance

•Commitment to diversity within the academic community

•Attraction to the benefits a community college provides in contributing to the recreational, cultural, and intellectual offerings desirable in a thriving, year-round community located in the beautiful East End of Suffolk County, New York

•Sense of belonging that will inspire advocating for the unique needs and challenges that a small campus presents at a large multi-campus institution.

 Leadership Attributes

•Ability to develop a shared vision for the future of the campus that represents the values and ideals widely held by internal and external stakeholders

•Capacity to inspire and facilitate trust and collaboration within the campus community

•Aptitude for outreach and advocacy and building strong relationships with community partners and elected officials on behalf of the campus and the College

•Skill, desire and ability to effectively communicate with a diverse student body and interact with student organizations

•Capacity to cultivate teamwork and managerial leadership among administrative staff

•Support for professional development and recognition for faculty and staff

•Appreciation of the need to recruit, retain, and support excellent faculty, administrators and instructional staff

•Competence in fiscal and resource management

•Capacity to support the President in his efforts to develop financial support from public and private sources, including fundraising for capital projects

•Ability to work collaboratively and effectively within the College’s administration

•Capacity to effectively manage change, resolve conflict, take responsibility for tough decisions, and deal with ambiguity in the context of shared governance

•Enthusiasm for thinking innovatively, entrepreneurially, and strategically

•Demonstrated understanding of technological change and its significance to the support of teaching, learning, and organizational management

•Ability to manage complex employment issues within a unionized environment.

Interpersonal Attributes

•Ability to relate to diverse constituencies in an approachable and engaging manner by maintaining a high visibility on campus and in the community

•Ability to be an effective listener and an excellent oral and written communicator

•Skilled as a collaborative and decisive leader and manager

•Capacity to build trust and consensus both internally and externally

•Capability to advocate for the campus and to communicate its needs

•Demonstrated high energy and strong work ethic


As an exempt position, compensation will be based on the College's exempt salary and benefit plan.


 APPLY TO: Suffolk County Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educator. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran, marital or domestic victim status, or any other status that is prohibited by law. The College makes available to the general public information required by the Campus Security Act at the following web address: http://www.sunysuffolk.edu/safety