Superintendent / President

Antelope Valley College


Superintendent / President

Salary: $237,382.70 Annually

Deadline: The position is open until filled. The deadline for application materials to be included in the first review by the Search Committee is at Noon on Friday, February 25, 2022.  All inquiries, nominations, and applications will be held in the strictest confidence.


Complete job description and application available online at:



The Antelope Valley Community College District (AVCCD) Board of Trustees invites applications for the position of Superintendent/President. Prospective applicants are encouraged to both review this announcement and, for a more thorough profile of the College, its students and community, the executive search website.


Position Description: 

The Superintendent/President is the Chief Executive Officer of the AVCCD and President of Antelope Valley College (AVC). Duties and responsibilities are carried out in keeping with the District’s policies and procedures, directives of the AVC five-member, elected Board of Trustees, and State of California Administrative Code Title 5, Labor Code and Education Code. 


As the administrative leader of a district committed to meeting the educational needs of the students and community, the Superintendent/President is responsible for overseeing all College/District operations, including: planning; budget development and resource allocation; organizational structures; accreditation; collective bargaining; assessment and supervision of all programs and services; and the evaluation of key administrative personnel. The Superintendent/President serves as the principal representative of the District to community groups, business and industry, California Community College Chancellor’s Office, community college organizations, local public elementary and high school districts, public and private colleges and universities, federal, state, county and city agencies, and current/prospective donors to the Antelope Valley College Foundation.


Position Profile: 

To carry on the institution’s tradition of outstanding service to the greater Antelope Valley community, the Board is seeking a leader: who is committed to the comprehensive community college and is dedicated to providing services to a broad range of students with a variety of education goals; has demonstrated commitment to and skills in participatory governance; and has a proven record of successful partnering with leaders in government, other educational institutions, and in business to enhance the learning opportunities for students and meet the needs of the community.



Challenges and Opportunities:

• Post-pandemic, pursuing an ongoing campaign of effective enrollment management; Overseeing the College from a single campus to multi-site district, while effectively managing the distribution of resources and continuing to enhance the College as an effective and responsive institution.

• Strengthening the college’s pursuit of its mission in all of its aspects: transfer, career-technical, basic skills, workforce development, student life, cultural enrichment, performing arts, athletics and life-long learning.

• Advancing the use of technology in the classroom, and assuring the on-going review, upgrade, maintenance, training and other support related to technology systems for instructional and administrative purposes.  

• Pursuing new and maintaining current sources of external funding from state, federal and private sources, as well as partnerships with business, industry and government, in order to support and expand campus programs and services to enrich the College’s commitment to its students and the community.  In this light, strengthening the collaboration with the Antelope Valley College Foundation to increase financial support for the district’s mission through private gifts and community partnerships.

• Enlisting campus and community support for events and programs that celebrate the cultural and the diversity of the college and the community. 

Develop and maintain community relationships and maintain an active College presence in the community.

Maintaining the district’s focus on providing a safe and secure student- and employee-friendly environment, where everyone is able to reach his or her full potential.



Required Qualifications and Experience:

• A Master’s Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution. 

• At least five years of senior administrative experience in higher education, with operational and fiscal responsibility for a comprehensive segment of the institution. 

• An in-depth understanding of teaching, learning, and student development processes. 

• Demonstration of strong community involvement as a college administrator.

• Demonstrated understanding of and sensitivity to diverse ethnic, cultural, economic, physical and learning abilities in a higher education environment.


Preferred and Desired Qualifications:

An earned doctorate from an accredited institution is strongly preferred.

• Senior administrative experience in a community college is preferred.

• Faculty experience at the community college level is preferred. 

• Desirable Personal and Professional Characteristics and Abilities:

• Is an advocate for participatory governance, supports collaborative decision making, delegates appropriately, and possesses a demonstrated ability to achieve consensus. Encourages and maintains two-way lines of communication with students, faculty and staff, encouraging a free exchange of ideas among diverse groups.

• Works effectively with the Board of Trustees, the Antelope Valley College Foundation, the college’s constituent groups, and the community to develop a climate of mutual trust and respect.

• Is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, both within the student population and all employee groups of the District.  This includes sensitivity to the diverse academic and physical abilities of all in the learning community.

• Possesses high professional standards and a personal code of ethics characterized by honesty, integrity, openness and fairness.

• Has demonstrated commitment to high academic standards and the importance of academic freedom in a higher education learning environment.

• Has a positive outlook, with effective critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills.

• Is approachable, transparent, flexible, open minded and good humored.

• Communicates effectively, both interpersonally and in groups of all sizes. Understands the importance of and demonstrates experience in college and community relations.   

• Has a vision that addresses the evolving role of open-door, comprehensive community colleges in the 21st century, and is able to function effectively in a rapidly changing environment by inspiring others with that vision, to work with the District’s constituencies to establish priorities, and to allocate resources in order to accomplish that vision. 

• Is creative and analytical, using a data-driven and evidence-based approach to addressing complex situations and solving problems.

• Is an educator who values, supports, motivates and develops employees.

• Provides leadership to ensure that the college satisfies accreditation standards.

• Provides leadership in negotiations with constituent groups with the goal of Interest Based Bargaining as appropriate, which is the primary resolution process to address labor challenges and opportunities. 

• Is skillful in effective and efficient utilization of the District’s fiscal, human and physical resources.  Is knowledgeable and demonstrates effective experience related to relevant institutional and human resource processes including planning, budget development and management, collective bargaining, instructional program development and delivery, enrollment management, student and academic services, and facilities development and maintenance. 

• Is knowledgeable of state and federal laws and regulations relevant to the governance of California community colleges.

• Advocates effective use of educational and administrative technology as an enhancement to the traditional delivery of programs and services.

• Is willing to make a deep and comprehensive commitment to the College and community. 

• Is effective in cultivating and maintaining a positive institutional presence in the community and formulating external partnerships appropriate to the mission of the College and District to enhance external resources.

• Is a student-centered leader who views student and academic services as an important contribution to an effective learning environment.

• Values student development through student leadership opportunities, athletics, and a broad array of other extracurricular activities.

• And, is sensitive to the effects of all decisions on students, the campus community and the College’s service area.



Compensation and Benefits:

Salary and other conditions of employment will be competitive, negotiated with the Board of Trustees, and commensurate with the candidate’s background and experience. Antelope Valley Community College District offers an outstanding employee benefits package including medical coverage, dental and vision for employees and their families, and life insurance.


For a complete listing and details of all open positions and how to apply, select the HR & Employment link on the AVC Web site at or contact the Human Resources Office at (661) 722-6311; Voice/Relay, (661) 722-6300 x. 6360, 3041 West Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536.