Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Job Title:  Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Department:  Enrollment Services

Date Prepared: 9/30/21

Reports To:  Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


Reporting to the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the successful candidate in the newly created role of Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will be an innovative and visionary leader who brings an understanding of the trends, best practices, and data-driven approaches to strategic recruitment in higher education. The incumbent will oversee the key enrollment areas of the institution, including Online Learning, Undergraduate Scholarships, Financial Aid, Undergraduate Admissions, and Recruitment for Coastal Operations. The position will also ensure effective coordination with graduate and international student admissions processes managed by other units and will provide oversight for college- or unit-specific recruitment functions. In support of the University’s short- and long-term headcount and net tuition revenue goals, the Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will implement sophisticated, innovative processes rooted in industry best practices and will establish a forward-thinking vision that prepares the University to address the enrollment challenges of the future.



  • Directs the development, implementation, assessment and direct supervision for Online Learning, Undergraduate Scholarships, Financial Aid, Undergraduate Admissions, and Coastal Operations Recruitment.
  • Creates and implements a comprehensive strategic recruitment and enrollment management plan across all University campuses, in line with institutional goals and priorities developed in consultation with the University’s Senior Leadership Team.
  • Fosters a culture of professional development and staff supervision that further develops and supports a strong enrollment services staff that is recruitment- and retention-centric, optimistic, empowered, responsive, innovative, results-oriented, and student-centered.
  • Develops staffing, territory management, application review, and strategic partnership models that deploy human and financial resources most effectively to meet enrollment goals.
  • Designs, develops, and oversees the management of systems, structures, and processes that optimize recruitment, admission, and yield, with careful attention to the University’s strategic priorities around academic, demographic, and geographic diversity. Ensures coordination across graduate and international recruitment and admissions processes.
  • Works with colleagues in University Communications and staff in each of the academic colleges to develop a thorough, sustained, multi-channel marketing plan for all relevant audiences.
  • In consultation with the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, collaborates with colleagues across the Division of Academic Affairs (including but not limited to the Senior Associate Vice President for Coastal Operations, Associate Provosts, Deans, and School Directors) to facilitate effective recruitment and retention strategies that support the enrollment goals of the academic colleges with emphasis on the development of integrated college-wide recruitment programs for all campuses.
  • Develops and utilizes optimized financial aid and scholarship strategies drawing on data analytics to attract and retain students, in line with strategic enrollment priorities.
  • Clearly and consistently articulates the vision and plans for admissions and recruitment and fosters transparency by engaging key constituencies in strategic and timely ways.
  • Engages in an analytical, empirical, data-informed approach to problem-solving and decision-making to utilize predictive modeling in enrollment planning.
  • Maintains all required federal, state and University standards, guidelines, policies, and laws.





  • An earned Master’s degree
  • A minimum of 8 years of progressively responsible enrollment experience in higher education
  • A proven record of success in achieving enrollment goals and in leading the recruitment strategy in an office of admissions
  • Demonstrated experience producing and applying detailed analyses related to recruitment
  • Experience developing strategic recruitment and marketing plans
  • Experience and knowledge in online marketing, recruitment, and enrollment management
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in recruiting plans and practices that expand access to underrepresented groups
  • The ability to travel for the purposes of representing the University at recruitment events
  • Demonstrated experience leading, empowering, developing, and supervising staff



  • Experience with a variety of recruitment contexts (public, private, institutions of varying size, etc.) and students with diverse educational interests and needs (e.g., high school students, transfer students, nontraditional students)
  • Direct experience with the Slate CRM
  • Direct experience creating and executing strategies for student recruitment with a proven record of success
  • Proven record of developing strategic goals, developing enrollment strategies, and developing enrollment processes
  • Proven record of success in enrollment growth and strategies using enrollment data points to demonstrate accomplishments
  • Direct experience developing and executing recruitment and enrollment strategies for fully online populations
  • Direct experience creating and executing strategies for graduate recruitment
  • Direct experience with transfer recruitment and enrollment
  • Direct experience developing financial aid and scholarship optimization strategy


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Business Strategy & Acumen:  Understands higher education and can use industry/professional terminology fluently.  Thinks strategically and seeks to align department services and goals with institutional strategic goals.  Asks critical questions to delve to root cause to identify solutions.  Understands the interconnection of decisions, actions, outcomes and measures.


  • Professional Knowledge and Application:  Takes initiative to develop and apply professional knowledge and skills in order to enhance individual effectiveness and improve organizational performance.  Creates opportunities to apply new learnings and best practices into innovative solutions that positively impact results.  Seeks opportunities for development for both self and the team.


  • Business Execution:  Leverages professional expertise and University knowledge to assess areas of opportunity, identify solutions and effectively execute the plan.  Demonstrates a high level of planning and organizational skills and the ability to move projects forward to completion. Self-motivated and accountable for results.  Seeks advice and input from others and recognizes when to escalate issues or seek help.   


  • : Demonstrates the ability to deliver accurate, concise and quality communication (verbal and written) in a timely manner.  Encourages an open exchange of ideas and differing perspectives.  Adapts communication style to meet the needs of diverse audiences and situations.  Listens to understand others.  Provides quality feedback. Receives and responds to constructive feedback effectively.


  • Relationship Management: Works to build and manage productive relationships with peers, leaders and customer groups.  Effectively engages and interacts with others to collaborate and provide value-added support that enhances department results and team effectiveness.  Affects outcomes and direction of customer’s decisions through effective relationships, trust and credibility.   


  • :  Demonstrates an openness and flexibility towards new ideas and concepts and effectively influences or facilitates during times of change.  Solicits and effectively integrates input from colleagues relative to their areas of expertise. Helps others become more effective through development and coaching.  Utilizes candid feedback, knowledge, resources and opportunities to improve the performance of others and to increase their contributions.  Sets clear expectations for performance, provides meaningful feedback, holds employees accountable and recognizes successes.