Delta College Superintendent/President Search

Delta College Superintendent/President Search

The San Joaquin Delta Community College District seeks an innovative and experienced Superintendent/President who will provide leadership and demonstrate the District's commitment to providing high-quality services to its students, management, faculty, and staff.

To be guaranteed consideration for this position, applications must be received on or before Feb. 28, 2022 by 5:00 p.m. (PST). The position is open until filled.

Officially launched in 1934, Delta College includes campuses in Stockton and in Mountain House,communities in the great San Joaquin Valley of California. The San Joaquin Valley is rich in history, beauty, and culture, and is an excellent place to work and live. Delta Collegehas played a prominent role in the history, growth, and education of its community, and currently serves more than 26,000 students.

Delta Collegeenjoys a positive reputationin the region, and possesses strengths and benefits in many areas, including:

  • The College is determined to put students first, through outstanding career and transfer programs and support services that will allow students tocross the finish line and succeed in their careers and in their lives.
  • The College works diligently toward achieving equitable outcomes for students of all walks of life.
  • The College sees the potential in all students, and recognizes the potential for higher education to enrich their lives intellectually, socially, and personally, leading to improved quality of life for generations to come.
  • The College believes in growing, adapting, and innovating, through the use of data-driven processes.
  • The College forges community partnerships thatconnect local industry and businesses with students to develop a trained workforce for a region that has tremendousuntapped potential.
  • The College's Board of Trusteesis focused on ensuringthe proper operations and financial stability ofthe College and District.Through regular Board meetings, the trustees monitor academic quality, integrity, institutional effectiveness, and fiscal stability. The Board is engaged in the oversight of the College, delegates full responsibility and authority to the CEO to implement and administer Board policies without interference, andengages in ongoing training and an annual process of self evaluation to assess performance.

    The Superintendent/President will focus on opportunities to pursue growth and improvement on behalf of the district.Thus,Delta College seeks a leader who will:

  • work to enhance community partnerships, increase engagement, and expand opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • support efforts to improve its operational practices to ensure an equity-focused,student-centeredexperience;
  • lead the expansion of educational facilities throughout the District;
  • increase student success metrics for all students, especially for disproportionately impacted students, to significantly reduce equity gaps;
  • enhance asafe and healthy learning and work environment for faculty,staff,and students, particularly in times of unusual measures tocombat the COVID-19 virus;
  • continue to develop and strengthen all employees,institutional effectiveness, and college culture,measured byefforts of inclusion, shared governance, andorganizationalclimate;
  • engage the College and community in an evolving conversation regarding"the benefits of a community collegeeducation"for bothonline and face-to-face instruction; and
  • continue to act creatively and effectively within the budget uncertainties and fiscal constraints associated with an evolving funding model.

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