Yosemite Community College District



Salary: Salary and other benefits depend upon experience and qualifications; and are competitive and negotiated with the Board of Trustees.

Deadline:  03/03/2017


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Scope of Assignment


The Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer for the District and reports to an elected seven-member Board of Trustees. The Chancellor is responsible for the District’s total operation, serves as advisor to the Board of Trustees, administers Board-adopted policies, and represents the Board in its relationships with students, staff, and District residents.


Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to oversee and coordinate leadership for a community college district with two distinctively different colleges and their communities – one with over 20,000 students in a highly diverse medium size city in the San Joaquin Valley, and one with approximately 4,000 students in a more homogenous rural Sierra Mountain foothill setting. A major aspect of the Chancellor’s role is long-range planning to ensure the District’s educational quality and fiscal stability, and establishing and maintaining good relationships with representatives from the communities within the District as well as with state and federal agencies and decision-makers. The Chancellor is responsible for supporting and advancing student learning and success within the District’s two colleges, and for the institutional fiscal integrity of the entire District.



• An earned doctorate from an accredited college or university is highly preferred. Exceptionally experienced individuals with a master’s degree will be considered. 

• Significant experience in senior administrative leadership is required, preferably at the community college level. 

• Knowledge of the academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, and sensitivity to the needs, problems and challenges associated with the diversity of the community college student population are required.

• A comprehensive understanding of the community college mission and the key issues facing higher education is required.



We seek a leader who: 

• Is an active educator with successful faculty experience at the college level.

• Has had a variety of increasingly responsible experiences in leadership, management and development, preferably within a multi-campus or multi-college district.

• Has a strong understanding of complex financial issues facing community colleges with a proven ability to allocate resources equitably and systematically.

• Has the proven ability to obtain additional funding for the colleges through political advocacy, targeted grant acquisition, and actively soliciting private sector and donor support.

• Has experience in leading the Accreditation process and leading visiting teams for the Accreditation of other colleges. 

• Will give strong consideration to living within the geographic region of the college district, and be visible and active in the district and community.



We seek a leader who: 

• Is accessible and visible to all constituents within the colleges and greater communities and works well with students, faculty, classified staff, and administration.

• Possesses a strong vision, a high level of energy, and unquestionable integrity and honesty.

• Is committed to academic excellence and student success and will motivate and support others in their efforts to provide high quality and accessible programs and services to students throughout the college District.

• Has a vigorous and vibrant communication style with strong speaking, writing, and listening skills, and empowers others through team building, trust, and consensus.

• Supports the comprehensive community college concept and has the skills to ensure a balance between the competing priorities of transfer, vocational/technical and basic skills education.

• Is student centered, committed to offering learning center programs, supportive of student services and is sensitive to the effects of all decisions on students and the campus communities.

• Is sensitive to and appreciative of diversity and students with unique and special needs.


Example of Duties


The New Chancellor Will Be Responsible for Maintaining and Strengthening Governance, Leadership and Advocacy Throughout the District and Must: 

• Facilitate, create and sustain a unified district environment by developing, strengthening and maintaining relations between the two colleges, and between the colleges and central services (district office). This must be done within the context of supporting and recognizing the unique qualities and cultural attributes of each of the colleges and their contributions to the overall District mission, while at the same time meeting the educational needs of students who often reside in under educated, poor and diverse communities.

The New Chancellor Will Be Responsible for Strengthening Planning and Accountability and Must: 

• Support and encourage the integration of research, institutional data and on-going evidenced based decision-making processes at both colleges and the District office. 

• Lead the District through a revision and update of its strategic planning processes. 

• Provide guidance and support to the colleges and central services in their efforts to comply with state and federal regulations and growing number of accountability standards and requirements.

The Chancellor Will Be Responsible for Maintaining and Strengthening Fiscal Resources to Support Critical Programs and Services and Must: 

• Develop and lead the implementation of fiscal strategies to improve the allocation of resources that support programs and services, and the critical teaching/learning functions at the colleges. 

• Develop strategic relationships with federal and state agencies and policy makers, private foundations, and local donors in order to strengthen alternative resources for the colleges.

The Chancellor Will Be Responsible for Maintaining and Strengthening Human Resources and Employee Relations and Must: 

• Make every effort to maintain competitive and equitable salaries and benefits to attract and retain outstanding support professionals and faculty. 

• Address the growing cost of health care and retirement benefits for employees and develop appropriate solutions. 

• Provide strong leadership and advocacy to help advance the District’s commitment to diversity, equity and equal opportunity for all employees and students. 

• Establish an environment that fosters a collaborative approach to labor relations and conflict resolution. 

• Lead efforts to sustain a welcoming and supportive environment for the faculty and staff.

The Chancellor Will be Responsible for Maintaining and Advancing High Quality and Accessible Student Learning Opportunities Throughout the District and Will be Expected To: 

• Provide support to the colleges to develop new programs and services that meet the growing student populations and changing industry needs throughout the district. 

• Preserve a supportive environment and high expectations for educational excellence and transformational learning in all the programs and services at the colleges and central services. 

• Sustain and support technology including ongoing review, planning, updating, maintaining equipment and software, and by maintaining an adequate level of technology support services for teaching, learning and administrative functions at both colleges and central services.


Desirable Professional Characteristics


We seek a leader who: 

• Is committed to an effective relationship with, and a strong accountability to, the Board of Trustees. 

• Demonstrates an understanding of community college issues and challenges and will work effectively with district and college leaders to resolve controversial issues and problems in a timely and fair manner utilizing input from constituent groups. 

• Has a proven commitment to participatory governance and collaborative decision-making. 

• Is firmly committed to high academic standards, academic freedom, and excellence in teaching and learning. 

• Is an articulate spokesperson for the District, locally, statewide, and nationally; and is politically astute with proven advocacy skills and a solid understanding of local, state, and national legislative processes and issues. 

• Values and advocates for student support services and student development programs as a critical component of student access, learning and success.

• Supports the development of effective partnerships between the colleges and business and industry, cultural entities, and civic organizations throughout the entire District service area. 

• Supports and expands the two colleges’ contributions in their respective communities and strengthens community relations district-wide. 

• Supports and encourages professional development and professional growth for all staff.


Additional Applicant Information


Letter of interest and application, not to exceed 5 pages, which succinctly states how the applicant would address the Challenges, Issues, and Opportunities section. Candidates should cite specific examples from their background and experience to demonstrate knowledge and expertise necessary for this position. The letter should also indicate to what extent the applicant’s personal qualities and professional characteristics and skills match the qualifications sought for this position.

1. Résumé

2. Two page statement of Philosophy of Leadership and Philosophy of Education as it applies to this position.

3. References from the following list. 

Provide references from current and former institutions. 

Provide appropriate contact information for each reference. 

References will not be contacted without the candidate’s permission.

• Two Supervisors 

• Two Subordinates (who report(ed) directly to the applicant)

• Two Faculty Leaders

• Two Support Professionals

• Two Community Members


Note: A background investigation, under the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, will be required of all finalist candidates. A health statement and physical examination will also be required as an initial and on-going condition of employment.


Applications and nominations may be accepted through Friday, March 3, 2017. The Search Committee may cease to accept applications after this date.

Therefore, submission of applications is strongly encouraged on or before March 3, 2017, 5 pm. Only complete application packets will be forwarded to the committee.


The Yosemite Community College District is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.