Data Engineer (remote)


Pitt IT is currently seeking a Data Engineer in support of the implementation of advanced data analytics capabilities. As a Data Engineer you will focus on the design, implementation, and operation of cloud-based data management systems to meet the University’s business needs. This includes designing how the data will be stored, managed, and consumed by different reporting/analytics systems using cloud architecture. This position will work together with other members of the Analytics team to identify, create, and populate optimal data architectures, structures, and systems. Additional responsibilities include developing prototypes and proofs of concept for the selected solutions, and implementing complex data projects with a focus on collecting, parsing, managing, and analyzing large sets of data using multiple platforms.


Additionally, this role will help support the existing Oracle data warehouse while designing and implementing AWS based solutions for those legacy workloads. This role will ensure that data pipelines are scalable, repeatable, and secure, and can serve multiple users within the organization; help facilitate getting data from a variety of different sources, getting it in the right formats, and assuring that it adheres to data quality standards.  




Combination of education, experience and/or industry certifications will be considered in lieu of listed education/experience levels.


Experience with AWS data lake and data warehouse technologies (Lambda, Glue, S3, Redshift), CICD tools (Github, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy) and data warehouse architectures (star schema) required.  Experience with Oracle PL/SQL data warehousing is a plus.