Director, Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Provide leadership for advancing college wide goals to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for students and employees, and guide efforts for LBCC to be a leader in creating a culturally competent community. Lead the development of a community that supports LBCC’s broad definition of diversity, is inclusive of all of our community, and achieves equitable results in providing education. Develop opportunities to support and challenge the campus community to understand differences through the development of an inclusive learning community. Design opportunities for students and employees to effectively develop cultural competency. Connect the college to community partners to advance campus goals in improving educational participation and completion. In collaboration with Academic Foundations, Advancement, and Human Resources, lead the college’s efforts to recruit and retain diverse students, faculty, and staff.

Collaborate with students and employees to promote the college’s vision and mission, especially as related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Collaboratively design and implement programs and strategic initiatives that support a campus culture that recognizes, understands, and effectively confronts the challenges of building a community that constructively engages human diversity. Serve on the President’s Advisory Council on Equity. Collaborate with the President’s Advisory Council on Equity in developing, implementing, and evaluating services in support of the Council’s diversity plan. 

Collaborate with Institutional Advancement via marketing with the goal of advancing LBCC’s reputation as a College of Choice for students and employees of color, and other dimensions of diversity. Collaborate with the President’s Leadership team to bring an equity “lens” to college leadership efforts.

Embrace and provide leadership in furthering the college’s mission, and core values of opportunity, excellence, inclusiveness, learning, and engagement. Ensure departmental goals, objectives and efforts are aligned with the college’s strategic goals of productivity, equity, and quality. 

Assume direct supervision of department personnel, including recruitment, selection, orientation, and evaluation of full and part-time staff. Make recommendations to the President concerning employee hiring and termination when appropriate. Perform required employee performance reviews within institutional policies and procedures. Ensure all departmental practices comply with employee contracts, administrative rules, board policies, and state and federal statutes.

Develop and implement opportunities for engaging the college community in learning about human differences, mixed-status families, and cultures. Develop and present training related to equity, social justice, cross-cultural communication, cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and communication skills. Partner with community organizations to provide learning opportunities. Facilitate the establishment of partnerships with educational institutions in the region to foster coordinated efforts to address educational equity. Develop relationships that connect LBCC community focused programs with local groups and businesses to support the economic development of underserved communities.

Provide leadership for establishing goals, training, and assessment related to a campus-wide cultural competency program.

Oversee and coordinate the operations, programming, and services in the Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Department. Manage operations of the EDI Center to create an effective educational space for promoting diversity. Provide a welcoming space that supports classes, meetings, and programming. 

Collaborate with Student Life and faculty to design and incorporate learning activities that engage students in support of learning outcomes related to the cultural literacy outcome requirement, inclusion, and diversity. Present workshops for classrooms and departments on topics that improve the ability of students and employees to work in a diverse environment. Provide assistance with curriculum and assessment design of curriculum focused on the cultural literacy outcome.

Serve as a resource to Human Resources in efforts to improve employee recruitment and retention practices to meet institutional goals for a diverse workforce. Collaborate with Human Resources staff in the design and delivery of the Search Advocate training, and in the recruitment of Search Advocates to support the delivery of equitable hiring practices. Collaborate to provide training and awareness programming to improve employee relationships and service to diverse student populations.

Collaborate with institutional governance groups to establish and monitor equity in strategic goals. Guide assessment of student needs and the effectiveness of programs in supporting institutional goals related to diversity. Use institutional and departmental data for program development. Evaluate program efforts for continuous improvement.

Identify and support the creation of programming to improve success and completion for and with traditionally underrepresented student groups. Collaborate with Student Life to support the success of student organizations that provide support and programming for a wide range of diverse student populations. Collaborate with Admissions to coordinate focused recruitment programs on and off campus. Collaborate with the Learning Innovation Center to create faculty development opportunities that support improvements in the classroom in service to the success of traditionally underrepresented and underserved students.

Collaborate with departments and community organizations to establish an institutional presence and identity that establishes LBCC as the educational institution of choice. Identify opportunities for LBCC to establish relationships and create opportunities to bring underserved communities to the campus in support of community needs.

Serve on committees and act as a liaison to other college departments and community organizations relating to cultural awareness and diversity.

Research and promote grant opportunities that support civic engagement, program improvement for underserved populations, and the professional development of college employees.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with safety regulations, employee safety training, OSHA compliance, and emergency planning related to the area of control.

Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

Education and Training: Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, humanities, education, or other related field required.

Experience: A minimum of four years of full-time related experience working with diversity or multicultural programs. Requires management experience that includes supervision and budgetary responsibilities. Requires experience designing or leading equity, diversity and/or multicultural programs or organizations; work with multiple populations and coalition building to promote goals. Experience with event and project design, coordination, and evaluation is required. Must have direct experience working with different cultures. Teaching or training experience is required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Requires the ability to embrace diversity and collaborate effectively with a variety of students, staff, and public from diverse cultural, social, economic, and educational backgrounds. Must be aware of theories related to human and cultural development. Requires knowledge of models supporting student access and success related to underrepresented student populations. Must have critical thinking skills and knowledge of problem-solving techniques. Must have strong organizational skills, including goal and priority setting, and the ability to develop partnerships in program design and implementation. Requires the ability to develop, implement and evaluate programs with educational outcomes. Must have an understanding of the elements of effective learning, program development, and evaluation. Requires strong leadership and professional communication skills including public speaking, conflict resolution/mediation, writing, and electronic communication. Must embrace appropriate technology tools to accomplish job functions including understanding and utilizing available technology as communication and data gathering tools. Must be able to supervise others and work in a fast-paced atmosphere while directing multiple tasks and personnel. Requires the ability to effectively market services and events.