Compliance & Civil Rights Investigator

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The Compliance and Civil Rights Investigator is key part of UC Riverside's Chief Compliance organization, which leads campus efforts to promote the UC Ethics & Compliance Program and to prevent and respond to discrimination and harassment. The investigator assesses and investigates whistleblower, discrimination, harassment and other complaints, under the direction of the Chief Compliance Officer & Locally Designated Official (LDO). Understands and interprets complex policies and regulations governing staff, faculty, and students. Conducts investigations in compliance with Whistleblower and Whistleblower Protection policies, as well as Human Resources, Title IX, Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action, Research, Athletics (NCAA Division I), Environmental Health & Safety, and other regulations and University policies. The investigator reports directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor/Chief Compliance Officer (AVC/CCO), and supports the AVC/CCO in campus efforts to create an ethical culture including by promoting accountability and integrity.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducts complex investigations of suspected and reported violations of laws and policies, including those with significant potential impact. Obtains legal opinions when appropriate to determine investigative activities. Liaison with investigators from other locations. Assists in structuring complex investigations, including identifying witnesses, policies, data resources and other evidence. Provides recommendations for resolution of issues.
    • Supports the LDO in response to whistleblower and whistleblower retaliation complaints by conducting intake and initial information-gathering to inform LDO assessment including determining appropriate institutional response. Conducts whistleblower, whistleblower retaliation, discrimination and harassment, and/or Title IX investigations of matters relating to faculty, students and staff with sensitivity, a sense of urgency, and commitment to excellence and objectivity. Supports and partners with other campus offices in addressing issues and concerns. Produces well-drafted investigation reports, notifications and other communications relating to reports and investigations, for a range of audiences.
  • Develops methods and seeks opportunities to increase manager and staff awareness of ethics and compliance programs and associated processes. Attends staff meetings, creates website tools and communications, solicits feedback and creates and delivers training programs.
  • Responds to high profile complaints or concerns. Participates or convenes committees or task forces in regards to issues with little precedence, requiring expedient and diplomatic action.
  • Develops proposals and convenes or participates on committees and task forces to implement critical coordinated response systems. Confers with OGC and other
    colleagues as needed, to strategize and create plans to mitigate or circumvent risk.
    • Participates in cross-campus case management committees and groups, including Investigations Group. May lead in the LDO's stead as needed.
  • Keeps abreast of best practices in advanced investigation techniques, ensures alignment with University policy and investigates practices accordingly.
    • Serves as campus resource, providing subject-matter expertise in investigations practices.
  • Develops recommendations for policy revisions, identifying the benefits and ramifications. May provide leadership in obtaining input from key constituencies.
    • Works as part of the CCO team to improve internal controls, promote ethical conduct, and prevent misconduct by recommending or helping develop improvements
      in campus policies, procedures, or education and awareness programs.
  • Participates in the development of databases to efficiently house ethics and compliance information. Ensures quality controls are in place to maintain integrity of the
    • Manages cases in i-sight case management systems, helping maintain accurate and up-to-date files.

Knowledge, Skills Ability:

  • Demonstrated professionalism, discretion and judgement through sound decision-making to obtain solutions through collaborative efforts with a wide-variety of
    offices and departments.
  • Ability to extract, verify, compile and develop recommendations related to ethics and compliance programs, issues, policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrated critical thinking skills and ability to implement strategic policy recommendations.
  • Ability work calmly under pressure and maintain excellent working relationships.
  • In-depth abilities in collaboration, facilitation, and strategic and creative thinking.
  • Ability to present complex issues in a clear and concise manner, both in writing and verbally for presentation or review by senior leadership.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations, case law, and guidance related to: discrimination and harassment in the educational or
    employment setting, or of substantially similar laws and regulations; sexual harassment in the educational or employment setting, or of substantially similar laws
    and regulations.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best practices and methodologies for conducting investigations, including interviewing, gathering and analyzing evidence, and writing
    investigation reports.
  • Experience investigating sexual harassment or equivalently sensitive allegations in an empathetic and confidential manner.
  • Demonstrated skill, sensitivity and experience interacting with constituents who are diverse in characteristics such as age, education level, race, gender identity
    and expression, ability, and socioeconomic backgrounds in a culturally-competent manner.
  • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills; skill building rapport in an open, friendly, and accepting way; attentive listener.
  • Ability to gather and organize information, conduct analysis, and make recommendations on issues that are complex in nature; critical thinker. Ability to apply
    policy and legal concepts to issues.
  • Broad and thorough knowledge of University ethics and compliance policies, procedures and programs.
  • Advanced knowledge of the ethics and compliance profession, theories and systems of internal control, and professional compliance and investigations
  • Thorough knowledge of the complexities of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, in the educational or employment setting.
  • Basic understanding of the relevance of trauma in the context of complaint resolution (for example, the neurobiology of trauma and trauma-informed investigation

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