Chief Diversity Officer

The Chief Diversity Office will collaborate with partners across campus to develop data-driven strategic roadmaps, build and sustain a robust network of practitioners and stakeholders, develop a strategic vision and implement a plan that systemically advances a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion as part of the core mission and values.

The Chief Diversity Officer reports to the Chancellor and is a thought leader and subject matter expert who will serve as a trusted advisor and strategic resource on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion across UNT World. This individual will collaborate with partners across campus to develop data-driven strategic roadmaps, build and sustain a robust network of practitioners and stakeholders, develop a strategic vision and implement a plan that systemically advances a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion as part of the core mission and values.

We are looking for a strategic thinker, thought partner and intellectual leader who will help cultivate a shared vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout UNT World. Our CDO will work with campus leaders and advisory groups to infuse diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion efforts into the core activities, programs, in all areas of UNT World. They will launch new initiatives that engage UNT World’s constituencies, strengthen relationships with our campuses and the surrounding communities, and leverage partnerships to realize mutual benefit and impact.

In short, the CDO will be engaging appropriate stakeholders, developing, implementing, operationalizing and measuring the university’s strategic diversity and inclusion plan, vision and related goals. They will work to promote an environment that appreciates individual differences, values equal opportunity for all, encourages free speech and exchanges of ideas, and serves to eliminate barriers based on factors such as race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, intellectual thought or covered veteran status.

• Leads the shaping of an system vision and a compelling message for diversity, equity, and inclusion by creating aspirational goals, plans for change, and assessment of initiatives.
• Plans, guides and advises executive officers on diversity, equity, inclusion across UNT World.
• Skilled in translating external and internal trends into innovative and creative practices.
• Works directly with every member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and Campus Leadership to define strategies and support objectives for their teams and institutions.
• Communicates cohesive, integrated strategy roadmap as well as progress towards DE&I to Board of Regents, Chancellor, Presidents, and all levels of system and campus leadership.

• Forms and cultivates strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations outside the university to help further its diversity agenda.
• Collaborates on programs and initiatives to improve recruitment, development and retention of a high-performing diverse and inclusive workforce.
• Recommends and advocates for policies, management, and decision making to reflect inclusive leadership. Education is a key part of this role.
• Develop and collaborate with leaders on processes and systems to hold leaders accountable for their support, implementation and ownership of DE&I in their departments.
• Collaborate with key executives to assist in shaping their roles as champions and advocates for DE&I both internally and externally.
• Join in with campus leaders to build an inclusive brand and culture that attracts diverse talent as a best place to work.

• Ability to influence and drive action at all levels of the organization;
• Evaluate DE&I efforts by identifying areas for improvement, directing future programs and assessing the achievement of annual plan goals.
• Assess the multi-generational impact of our people practices on DE&I and work with Human Resources to evolve practices and metrics in recruitment, talent management, total rewards, and employee engagement.
• Draws on research, scholarship, and information on national and international trends to develop and support innovative programs and policies relevant to campus diversity and inclusion.

• Influence DE&I professionals across UNT World to design, implement and measure the success of efforts across the system.
• Helps to create a collaborative, supportive, and high-performance culture that supports the success of those who work across the university on diversity and inclusion efforts;
• Ability to influence a broad group of stakeholders, partners, and senior leaders without direct authority – a team-oriented consensus builder who understands how to achieve buy-in from different leaders, builds bridges, and designs mutually beneficial solutions across UNT World.
• They will demonstrate the ability to implement bold, creative, and innovative initiatives and the vision, emotional intelligence and humility to command the respect and involvement of University of North Texas System’s diverse constituents and stakeholders
• Be willing to experiment and implement new practices to evolve our programs while embodying our purpose and vision.

• Demonstrates communication and conflict-resolution skills needed to navigate socially and politically-charged situations to resolve problems, build consensus, and reconcile competing interests;
• Facilitates group discussions and town hall meetings in response to campus, national and global events related to diversity and inclusion. Establishes effective modes of communication about ongoing diversity and inclusion at UNT World.
• Creates and implements communications strategies and content management for training, web resources, social media and print materials to support diversity inclusion and related initiatives.
• Serves as a spokesperson on matters related to diversity and inclusion.
• Supports Campus leadership as well as the Chancellor on decision making and messaging on matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
• Works with diverse populations and establish rapport and trust with diverse audiences; understanding and sensitivity to diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural background, disabilities, and sexual orientation of members, partners, and staff
• Measures and communicates results against committed DE&I actions, so that we can ensure meaningful progress towards DE&I and strategic business goals.
• Represents the organization to external community, organizations, civic and professional meetings and conferences. Collaborates with external and internal constituency groups, including students and protected veterans, to promote and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• A specialist in DE&I trends, best practices, measurements and issues.
• Proven experience articulating a DE&I vision, translating it into executable strategy and driving cross-functional teams to deliver against the plan.
• Proven experience in developing, implementing and assessing equity and inclusion strategies, initiatives and programs.
• Deep knowledge of best practices in DE&I including expertise and comfort in facilitating meaningful and difficult conversations with a wide range of stakeholders.
• A consistent record of advancing equity and justice initiatives that reveals the ability to develop and implement successful strategies and initiative.
• Committed to increasing equity and justice as well as furthering and improving the lived experiences of our employees related to equity and justice.
• Experience working with multiple partners to develop multi-year strategy plans, identify appropriate resources and partnerships needed, and develop milestones to ensure continued progress and delivery of desired outcomes.
• Demonstrated skills with collecting and using data to assess programs and increase shared accountability.
• An ability to partner on strategic issues and policies to bring best practices to critical parts of our organizational culture.
• An ability to champion the academic case for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
• Demonstrated cross-cultural competencies, including strong emotional intelligence. influencing skills, and the ability to engage and build relationships with university constituencies and underrepresented communities.
• The ability to form coalitions and inspire others to act.
• Evidence of excellent judgment and a high degree of integrity.
• The interpersonal strengths of an open-minded, strategic, and creative thinker and active listener who can mediate diverse opinions to address shared needs.
• Demonstrated ability in fostering all elements of DE&I, including race, gender, LBGTQ+, disability, veteran status, etc., across faculty, staff, students, and alumni.


Bachelor’s Degree required and 5+ years of demonstrated experience with a minimum of three years of progressive experience focused primarily on diversity, inclusion, and equity required.

- Master’s or Advanced Degree preferred
- Higher Education Experience preferred

The University of North Texas System and its component institutions are committed to equal opportunity and comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of North Texas System and its component institutions do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status in its application and admission processes, educational programs and activities, and employment practices.