What is Women in Higher Education?
Women in Higher Education (WIHE) is a monthly practitioner’s newsletter, designed to help smart women on campus get wise about how gender affects their being successful in the men-dominated world of higher education. Its goals are to enlighten, encourage, empower and engage women on campus. By sharing problems and solutions, women can learn to talk back, refuse to accept blame and quit taking nonsense from people who are less enlightened.

Is the newsletter refereed?
No, WIHE is not an academic journal, but rather a monthly print newsletter. Our articles cover a very wide range of topics and ideas. Rather than lose the variety of perspectives in narrowing them down to what passes muster to a group of selective advisors, we prefer a more eclectic balance of editorial voices. Readers can choose what to embrace and what to ignore.

Where can I subscribe to Women in Higher Education?

Visit our page here for subscription information.

Where do you get your material for articles?
Our editor attends about five to six conferences a year and reports on relevant presentations, including those at NASPA, ACE, Women Leaders in College Sports, NWSA, NCCWSL, NAWCHE, AERA, NILD and Nebraska’s Women in Educational Leadership conference. Additionally, WiHE has five regular writers who cover anything and everything about women in higher education.

WiHE does accept guest submissions by readers and other women leaders as well as articles on successful campus programs and research about women in higher education.

What is your main focus?
WIHE seeks to increase the number of women in campus leadership roles and provide a continuing source of education and passion for women in academia. Articles tend to focus on women administrators and faculty, but WIHE recognizes that we all exist to serve students, the growing majority of whom are women.

With what school is WIHE affiliated?
None. WIHE started in 1992, after the founding editor/publisher Mary Dee Wenniger received a small inheritance from a great aunt, a milliner in the 1920s, who would have been described today as a radical feminist.

Does WIHE  have a conference?
No. We met with a conference planner several years ago and determined that his vision of a successful conference and ours were not compatible. We have since determined that our efforts can be put to better use by continuing to reach thousands of women via our publication, rather than the smaller amount that could travel to a conference. There used to be a conference called Women in Higher Education in the 1990s sponsored by the University of Texas-El Paso. It was later taken over by the now defunct National Association for Women in Education (NAWE).

I love WIHE! Where can I get more?
You can subscribe to the monthly issues of WIHE (either in print or digital), buy the book based on its first eight years of articles edited by WIHE founding editor Mary Dee Wenniger and Mary Helen Conroy, or attend one of the conferences we cover and introduce yourself to the editor, Autumn Arnett