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  • Taking a Moment for Empathy

    • Feb 27, 2018
    • Kelly J. Baker
    It was the tentative knock on my office door that made me realize something was wrong. It wasn't quite time for office hours, and students rarely s...
  • On Clothes and Class Anxiety

    • Feb 3, 2018
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Sitting in a home economics class in the sixth grade was the first time I realized that the clothes I wore were a problem. Our class was between pr...
  • Seeking Politics of Liberation

    • Jan 4, 2018
    • Kelly J. Baker
    In November 2017, I—along with more than 2,500 other attendees—showed up for the annual conference of the National Women's Studies Association (NWS...
  • Stalled Progress for Women at Work

    • Nov 29, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Take a moment to really consider this: If women make up 10% of the leadership positions, men feel like their workplace has achieved gender diversity.
  • #DearBetsy, Leave Title IX Alone

    • Oct 30, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    I can’t read her letter without a fear that schools will move backward on how to manage and adjudicate sexual assault on campus.
  • Furious, But Frightened

    • Sep 29, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    When I get threats like this, I wonder if writing about white supremacy or sexism is worth it.
  • Necessary Unruliness

    • Aug 31, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    To be unruly is risky because you are shaking the foundations. You are questioning patriarchy.
  • Taking a Digital Break

    • Aug 1, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Mostly, I'm tired of people on the internet telling me what to care about or what supposedly distracts me.
  • No Man's Land

    • Jul 5, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Watching Wonder Woman become Wonder Woman made me catch my breath. She made me want to be brave and compassionate.
  • Surviving Sexist Workplaces Is Not Enough

    • Jun 5, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Feminist Fight Club never quite gets to the root of the problem: the workplace is still structured for men's success, not women's.
  • The Work of Activism

    • May 1, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    When I was in graduate school, I was a part of the Tallahassee Equality Action Ministry (TEAM), an interfaith direct action movement that brought t...
  • Breaking Silence, Standing Firm

    • Mar 29, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    I started Rebecca Solnit's The Mother of All Questions (Haymarket Books, 2017) on International Women's Day, March 8, which was also the Day Withou...
  • Choose Hope

    • Feb 28, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Hope gives us a kick in the pants and makes us act; fear overwhelms and keeps us stationary. We still need hope.
  • Becoming a Killjoy

    • Feb 1, 2017
    I find that I want to join her, to become ugly and unlikeable to remind everyone of the “ugliness” women face day in and out.
  • Resolve to Make Life Better for All of Us

    • Jan 2, 2017
    • Kelly J. Baker
    How can I resolve to do anything that improves only my life when so many people are fearing for theirs?
  • I'm With Her, Too

    • Nov 4, 2016
    • Kelly J. Baker
    Knowing a woman can be president is not the same as actually seeing it happen.
  • From Religious Studies PhD to Editor of WIHE

    • Oct 3, 2016
    • Kelly J. Baker
    I knew that there had to be other stories I could tell about women in higher education besides the soul-crushing ones I gravitated toward.